Should I just add my teen to my policy or should I get another for him/her separately?


If there are persons highly involved and highly concerned about a teenager or a college student having their firsts in driving, they would definitely be the parents.

At the on-set, when their teenager sons or daughters started to put their seatbelts on and begin starting the car’s engine parents are mostly there watching from a distance thinking about “my kid is growing up..He’s now driving…& he’s using MY CAR!”

Yes this is commonly the scenario when teens started to hit the road. Usually they are using their parent’s car and for them to be able to drive they are included in their mom’s or dad’s insurance policies.

If this is possible then why should one get independent car insurance for his/her teen?

Teenager dependents can be included in their parents’ insurance policy however this is possible only with the following conditions solely. First the teenager can be covered by the parent’s insurance if he or she is driving the parent’s insured car under permitted circumstances.

Another important major condition for a teen to be included in his/her parent’s policy is being a household resident. The teen or college students must be living with his/her parents and once he/she changes residence his/her parent’s policy would not be extended to him/her.

Most insurance companies would not consider covering the teenager son or daughter of insured parent’s if the car was garaged outside state borders. This is the case to which the answer of how far is the car driven becomes relevant.

Also some insurance companies would lift the inclusion of a teenager to the parent’s policy after graduating in school. However if the dependent wouldn’t change residence after finishing school, he/she can remain covered by the insurance.

On one hand, if your teen fits-in to the above-mentioned qualifications then it is wiser if you would just include your teen to your policy. However, it would be a good reminder that once you add a dependent on your list, if you have more than one car on your policy, all cars might have an increase in premium rates. So analyze your situation carefully before deciding what to do.

On the other hand, you have no choice but to get a separate insurance for your kid if he/she will be owning his/her own car or will be moving to a new place with this scenario pick the best premium that would fit your budget as well as your teen’s needs.