In a recent blog by Cars Insurance Savings, the writer mentioned seven things about a car that influences the cost of auto insurance. Before buying a car, it is important to make sure of some things because they can incur a lot of cost. To be brief, here are the seven things that car owners need to make sure: Find out how much repairs would cost: If the car is a foreign and fancy one, it can cost you a lot to repair it! This translates to a high premium for the auto insurance. Be sure that your car … (more) January 16, 2015

  • GEICO Hunts for Fraud No-Claims Cases in NY

    by Jeanny Hopper
    GEICO Hunts for Fraud No-Claims Cases in NY

    The Government Employee Insurance Company, otherwise known as GEICO, has filed a court case against no-claims suspects which operated in Kew Garden in New York last June 11. In the claim, suspects ask for radiological services payment which they forwarded to a medical professional corporation that has been charged to be clandestinely held and managed by nonmedical people. The complaint reported on the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York was a $1.8 million worth of compensation and treble damages as set upon by the Federal RICO statue and the communal law of New York. They … (more) July 7, 2010

  • Auto Insurance Company Launches New Ad Campaign

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Auto Insurance Company Launches New Ad Campaign

    Direct General, one of the nation’s largest car insurance providers, has recently embarked on an extensive marketing campaign geared towards low-income prospective clients. The Nashville-based company sought the help of Cramer-Krasselt/New York with its recent ad campaign, making use of the July 4th holiday weekend and the summer holiday season to reach out to potential policy holders. Direct General’s campaign was conceived in light of new data from a survey conducted by the company on the willingness of drivers to drive despite the absence of insurance. A research by the company revealed that up to 39 percent of motorists said … (more) June 27, 2009

  • Texas Launches New System to Nab Uninsured Drivers

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Texas Launches New System to Nab Uninsured Drivers

    A new statewide database system is set to help law enforcers catch uninsured drivers during routine traffic stops and inspections. The system, called TexasSure, can readily be accessed by any local officer or highway trooper to check on the insurance status of drivers pulled over. Drivers found not to be uninsured can then issued a fine ranging upwards to $350 almost immediately. State officials estimate that some 4 million Texas motorists do not carry insurance. That would amount to roughly 20 percent – or one out of every five – of the total number of drivers in the state. Worse, … (more) June 23, 2009