In a recent blog by Cars Insurance Savings, the writer mentioned seven things about a car that influences the cost of auto insurance. Before buying a car, it is important to make sure of some things because they can incur a lot of cost. To be brief, here are the seven things that car owners need to make sure: Find out how much repairs would cost: If the car is a foreign and fancy one, it can cost you a lot to repair it! This translates to a high premium for the auto insurance. Be sure that your car … (more) January 16, 2015

  • Check Before Signing Up With Credit Card Offers on Collision Coverage

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Check Before Signing Up With Credit Card Offers on Collision Coverage

    Financial experts have always cautioned drivers about extra rental car insurance programs, saying that these are borderline scams.  Car rental companies offer customers such coverage for $15 to $25 a day, which is hardly practical.  If you have auto insurance coverage or own a credit card, you normally wouldn’t worry about car damage liabilities.  It is a known fact that some auto insurance policies cover customers in accidents or collisions even where they are not using their own cars.  In addition, many credit card companies are willing to pay for the additional expenses that are not covered by your auto … (more) March 11, 2010

  • Ohio Car Registration Loophole Raising Insurance Fears

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Ohio Car Registration Loophole Raising Insurance Fears

    State officials, law enforcement agencies, and Ohio auto insurance providers are unraveling a flaw in state policies regarding car registration. In a startling revelation, thousands undocumented immigrants were reported to have acquired Ohio plates without having to undergo scrutiny from the state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV). Details are not becoming clearer after some officials and insurance experts pointed out the irregularities being encountered. Law enforcement agencies from other states also raised questions to the BMV after seeing Ohio plates on cars owned by and registered to mostly undocumented Latino immigrants. Further investigation revealed a burgeoning cottage industry of … (more) September 18, 2009

  • Live Insurance for a Year Required for CARS Trade-in

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Live Insurance for a Year Required for CARS Trade-in

    Americans who wish to trade in their old gas guzzlers must have active insurance for the past twelve years, the Insurance Information Institute or I.I.I. said earlier this week. Under the federal government’s Car Allowance Rebate System (CARS), car owners who want to collect money from trading in their old vehicles must have proof that their vehicles had insurance a full year before the trade-in. The program is popularly known as the “cash for clunkers” initiative. To implement this policy, the National Highway Traffic Safety Authority (NHTSA) has issued guidelines for interested car owners. According to the NHTSA, drivers can … (more) July 25, 2009