In a recent blog by Cars Insurance Savings, the writer mentioned seven things about a car that influences the cost of auto insurance. Before buying a car, it is important to make sure of some things because they can incur a lot of cost. To be brief, here are the seven things that car owners need to make sure: Find out how much repairs would cost: If the car is a foreign and fancy one, it can cost you a lot to repair it! This translates to a high premium for the auto insurance. Be sure that your car … (more) January 16, 2015

  • New York city has the highest auto insurance rates in the US

    by Richard Burton
    New York city has the highest auto insurance rates in the US

    According to a study released by an online auto insurance quote provider, New York City is the most expensive city in the whole of US, to buy auto insurance. The Tri-State members New Jersey, New York, and Connecticut have the highest auto insurance premiums throughout the country. There are a number of factors that have contributed to these high auto insurance rates such as, poor traffic conditions, high crime rates, as well as high population density. New Jersey has continuously been ranked number one for 3 years in a row. But New York as well as Connecticut has also ranked … (more) July 26, 2011

  • Indiana County Set to Legalize ATV Use

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Indiana County Set to Legalize ATV Use

    Sources say that despite concerns raised by local groups, Owen County in Indiana is continuing to draft its plans of allowing motorists and car owners to drive around in ATVs on public highways. This decision to allow all-terrain vehicles to be driven on county roads is causing the public to worry that drivers will not obtain appropriate insurance and registrations needed, and some may not even bother to install necessary safety devices. Owen County, said to be the most rustic county in the state and located approximately 50 miles southwest of Indianapolis, recently approved an ordinance that will legalize use … (more) December 23, 2009

  • Driving Safety Fair Could Cut Auto Insurance Cost for Teens

    by Jeanny Hopper
    Driving Safety Fair Could Cut Auto Insurance Cost for Teens

    Road accidents are the leading cause of death for teens in America. That is why California auto insurance providers have all the reasons to charge younger motorists with higher premium rates. In a continuing effort to save teenage a southern California group along with city officials is conducting a driving safety course for teenagers. The group says safer driving by teens could significantly help trim down auto insurance costs for young motorists. Among American motorists, drivers aged 16 to 19 years old have the highest annual crash and traffic violation rates. Each year, 5,000 teenagers die of road crashes while … (more) October 20, 2009