New automobile safety system being developed


Technology has advanced so much since the start of 21st century, while we used our phones for texting and taking a few pictures back in 2000, today we are able to connect them to other computers, surf the Internet and do so much more. We simply call them smart phones nowadays. It seems that the car industry has taken some steps in the similar direction, wireless accident prevention system is being developed in order to improve automobile safety.

Statistics clearly show us that there are more than half of a million car accidents in US each year, with over a thousand lives lost in them. Developing a new safety system is a must if we are to save more lives and prevent the number of accidents going further up.

This new system is based on wireless technology and allows the in car built computers to communicate with other vehicles around it (that also should have the same system installed), sending information such as car speed, position and movement direction. The main feature of this new system is to prevent collisions between vehicles going in the same direction as well as direct frontal or side impact from those moving in opposite directions. Goal of this new technology isn’t just saving people’s life, with its implementation and further development it should be able to prevent accidents from happening at all.

Already there are some ideas on how to further improve this system such as providing a warning to driver if there is too much traffic at the next intersection or if it’s unsafe to enter. With a few more upgrades this system could be used to monitor vehicle movement near intersections closely and if it’s connected to a GPS system it could redirect the driver to the less crowded route – all in order to prevent possibility of an accident.

If the system gets fully developed it should be used in every car by the year of 2020. Additional cost of having it installed should be more than $350. The price of the system may seem as a bit too much at this point, but if you just think about the numbers of accidents and lives lost each year, you’ll clearly see the need to improve car safety. Whatever the final cost of this system may be, it’s still as a small price to pay compared to damage caused in car accidents each and every day.