Auto Insurance News Archive for October, 2010

  • New automatic brake technology may help cut car insurance premium rates

    by Richard Burton
    New automatic brake technology may help cut car insurance premium rates

    Auto insurance companies emphasize the importance of factors that can help cut down car insurance premium rates so that people can take advantage of cheaper auto insurance policies. They said that among the things that they consider when deciding on what coverage rate the applicant will be on, the safety measures of the car are taken in high consideration. They said that from statistical data, cars that have less or no safety gadgets installed in their vehicles are the ones that are more prone to car accidents. They said that if the car is not safe, they give high premiums … (more) October 31, 2010

  • Auto insurance company participate in efforts to reduce drunk driving

    by Richard Burton
    Auto insurance company participate in efforts to reduce drunk driving

    Mothers Against Drunk Driving, an organization that aims to stop drunk driving, support victims of the crime and stop underage drinking, recently hosted an event called “Walk like MADD”, a 5 kilometer walk in cities nationwide to inform people of their goals. The purpose of this event is to encourage companies, corporations, the community, and groups of people to form a team of ten or more and raise donations amounting to $100 a group that will go to the organization’s campaign to eradicate drunk driving. Joining MADD in their event and sponsoring it is State Farm Insurance Company, an auto … (more) October 30, 2010

  • Greatest advantage in car insurance policies

    by Richard Burton
    Greatest advantage in car insurance policies

    Car insurance has been and always will be on top of the priority list of car owners. Although most people do not really know much about auto insurance, they are pretty sure they need to have one. When in case you accidentally wreck your car, how small the wreck may be, you’ll be happy you have car insurance. Auto insurance loans have benefited a good number of people in the world. This will depend, of course, on the type of insurance you have. Whenever there’s a reckless driver on the road, men would more often than not, assume that the … (more) October 29, 2010

  • Indispensable tips for finding the best auto insurance deals

    by Richard Burton
    Indispensable tips for finding the best auto insurance deals

    Finding the best deals for automobile insurances is like choosing from a wide array of ice creams with all your favorite flavors available. Auto insurance companies are now advertising different plans and programs for all customer classes and walks of life. Almost all auto insurance companies say that they have the best deals and claim that they are currently the best there is at what they do and offer. But how do you spot the top from the not? It’s not really a matter of being the best but rather a matter of the best company to provide your personal … (more) October 28, 2010

  • Auto theft techniques revealed

    by Richard Burton
    Auto theft techniques revealed

    What is making the upward trend of insurance claims? Do you think it is accident or is it auto theft? Auto theft is the answer. According to NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) as of writing time, it has been out that in 2008, owner give-ups skyrocketed in five major cities: Chicago, Houston, Phoenix, Las Vegas and Los Angeles and the number is still increasing. What is an auto give-ups situation? This may surprise you when it says that the owner himself is the one who makes the situation seem to have been done by a theft. The truth of the … (more) October 27, 2010

  • Insurance fraud on the rise

    by Richard Burton
    Insurance fraud on the rise

    While there have been some major improvements since the start of the recession two years ago, many people are still struggling to make ends meet. Many have lost their jobs, while others have been forced to take two jobs and take money from their retirement fund causing many people to be stressed out. A survey made by Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc reports that about three-fourths of Americans still worry about their employment showing signs of struggling. As the recession continues to make everyone’s lives difficult, the auto insurance industry is reporting increased numbers of auto insurance fraud cases. More … (more) October 26, 2010

  • Auto insurance companies still feeling the effects of recession

    by Richard Burton
    Auto insurance companies still feeling the effects of recession

    Two years have passed since the last recession and people are still feeling its effects until now. While there has been great progress on how everyday Americans have been handling the situation, the recession has caused a lot of heartache and stress. People have been forced to take money from their retirement funds and readjust their budgets in order to make ends meet. In addition, most people have increased the amount of work they do, either taking a second job or working for longer hours. The recent recession has everyone’s view on the way they view and use their money. … (more) October 25, 2010

  • Increase on animal-vehicle collision rate in fall

    by Richard Burton
    Increase on animal-vehicle collision rate in fall

    The fall season has the height of breeding season of deer. During this natural phenomenon, their number increases and they tend to cross highways and roads. Because of this, there have been records of increased rate in animal-vehicle impact. Auto insurances have taken data regarding this situation and said that there is also an increase on claims regarding this type of collision during this season. In between the years of 2008 and 2009 fall season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA claimed that the rate of injury and fatal accidents from vehicle to vehicle accidents went down but … (more) October 24, 2010

  • Progressive Car Insurance Plans to Hire More Workers

    by Richard Burton
    Progressive Car Insurance Plans to Hire More Workers

    Despite the economic downturn, Progressive car insurance plans to hire 260 new workers in the sales, service and claims at its Cleveland and Mentor contact centers by January 2011. The company which started in 1937 is now the rated as one of the largest car insurers in the US and it has been voted as the best auto insurer by several groups and magazines. In addition, it has been named as one of the best places for employment in North Ohio. Progressive is also the first car insurer to provide a tool where consumers to inform the company how much … (more) October 23, 2010

  • Deer-Vehicle Collision in the US

    by Richard Burton
    Deer-Vehicle Collision in the US

    Motorists in the US are being warned by auto insurance companies because of the likelihood of deer-vehicle collision especially this fall which is the start of mating season for deers. Based on data recorded by USAA, a leading insurance provider, the number of deer-vehicle collision has increased seven percent from year 2008 to 2009. State Farm, another top-ranked auto insurer, estimates that a deer-vehicle collision is 21.1 percent higher than five years earlier. Based on the insurance claims of the company, about 2.3 million deer-vehicle collisions happened from July 2008 to June 2010. A collision between deer and vehicles is … (more) October 22, 2010

  • CLCA extended Now

    by Richard Burton
    CLCA extended Now

    The low cost auto insurance for the whole state of California (CLCA) was extended another five years after Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed in a legislation authored by Dave Jones (Assemblyman) making it into a new law. The CLCA would have expired next year but because of the new law, many drivers especially those with low income can now enjoy the low cost insurance offered by the state for another five years. There are many benefits brought about by this insurance program. Many people who cannot get insurance from the regular market due to low income. The extension of the CLCA … (more) October 21, 2010

  • Auto insurance coverage drops by 0.5%

    by Richard Burton
    Auto insurance coverage drops by 0.5%

    There are several guidelines on how to get your car quoted for insurance protection. Certain insurance fraud is still in the market we must be careful of. This has brought too much trouble and most people carry the grudge against insurers. Increased payments were done by most policyholders as a result. Regulations were strictly formed by programs conducted by high US state authorities and nonprofit research organizations. Once a car is bought, the buyer is required to get car insurance for his safety and of the other passengers.  Auto insurance information tells what consumers would be paying for. Better look … (more) October 20, 2010

  • Winter registering the highest animal-related accidents

    by Richard Burton
    Winter registering the highest animal-related accidents

    Winter and fall seem to be the season’s car insurance companies detest. Based on statistics, there is a dramatic increase on animal-related accidents during these seasons. In fact, HLDI (Highway Loss Data News) say that the accidents are more or less three times higher than other seasons. After reviewing claims, insurance companies show that between July1, 2008 and June 30, 2010, there were 2.3 million deer-vehicle collisions. Animal –related accidents also recorded $3,000 worth of claims in 2008. The deer’s migrating and mating season and other factors may have lead to the increase in the number of deer collisions. Accidents … (more) October 19, 2010

  • Complacent entertainer gets a ten

    by Richard Burton
    Complacent entertainer gets a ten

    How many entertainers have you heard of being caught drunk while driving or perhaps under the influence of illegal drugs and what about some given the nth time a ticket for being complacent behind the wheel? Below is one of the entertainers that has been issued the 10th ticket already in UK. One of these entertainers is Katie Price who was a former glamour model and an aspiring writer. Katie Price as some people may not know is from England. Recently was caught veering across a busy dual carriageway and was also seen using her mobile phone while driving. Swinton, … (more) October 18, 2010

  • 5 adjusters and appraisers charged of accepting kickbacks

    by Richard Burton
    5 adjusters and appraisers charged of accepting kickbacks

    Imagine an auto service would be doing bogus works and conspire with the car owner just to have around $2,000 from the insurance company. Impossible you say, not, really, because that was what High Performance Auto Services personnel and major auto insurance agents turned adjusters and appraisers did. 5 of them were arrested and are charged with racketeering, grand theft as well as petty theft. The 5 persons who were arrested were: Jermanzine Kirkland, Roy Stella, Roman Hernandez, Eduardo Quinonez and Julio Ravelo. All 5 have been working with Allstate and State Farm Auto Insurance Companies. The latter being the … (more) October 17, 2010

  • Caution: Fall Is Deer Breeding Season

    by Richard Burton
    Caution: Fall Is Deer Breeding Season

    The nation’s eighth largest auto insurance provider, the USAA has warned motorists that this is the start of deer mating because it is already fall. There had been lots of accidents because of this season. It may have been reported that generally in the year 2008 – 2009 that injuries or fatalities due to animal- vehicle collision had decreased but USAA says otherwise. In the same period according to USAA, that the number of those claiming with their insurance has increased seven percent. Collisions with animals are costly for those with car insurance and in 2009 that the average claims … (more) October 16, 2010

  • Best insurance companies in 2010

    by Richard Burton
    Best insurance companies in 2010

    Many auto insurance advisers always stress the importance of finding the best insurance program which best suits the needs of each individual. One way of finding the right auto insurance product is by comparing the quotes of different vehicle insurers. This might be a lengthy and difficult task considering the number of car insurance companies all over the county. However, there are many online resources nowadays which can help consumers compare the quotes of different insurers easily. To help consumers compare auto insurance companies many online surveys and research are being conducted these days to find out the best auto … (more) October 15, 2010