Greatest advantage in car insurance policies


12Car insurance has been and always will be on top of the priority list of car owners. Although most people do not really know much about auto insurance, they are pretty sure they need to have one. When in case you accidentally wreck your car, how small the wreck may be, you’ll be happy you have car insurance. Auto insurance loans have benefited a good number of people in the world. This will depend, of course, on the type of insurance you have. Whenever there’s a reckless driver on the road, men would more often than not, assume that the driver is a woman. They laugh about how women drive and criticize how they handle their cars. But the really funny thing is, according to car insurance companies, women are more careful drivers than men. They are considered lower risk when it comes to claims.

Ok, so most of you might raise an eyebrow. We are not saying that women are better drivers than men. But according to statistics (and statistics don’t lie), women tend to get lesser road mishaps. This is basically the reason why some insurance companies charge women less than men for the same policy. Men have more insurance claims yearly than women. There are several reasons for this; one may be because women drive at shorter distance each year as well. Another reason is that women usually drive at a slower speed than men or we may also assume that male motorists are a bit more hot-tempered than women.

But still, women cannot assume that everything is to their advantage. Some companies give women lower premiums while others do not. Even the best female driver should not expect lower insurance premiums automatically. It is still wiser to go to your agent and ask him to give you choices so you could compare rates. Some car insurance companies do not consider the gender of the policyholder.

We do not need rocket science to know that cars and car accidents are not cheap. Aside from the medical damage, we would also need to consider the expenses on car repair. In case you hit a post for example, you only need to consider your own car’s repair. But in cases of collision, we would need to pay for the other car’s repair fee as well. So, try to do the math. Your expenses would definitely double in the event of collisions.