Caution: Fall Is Deer Breeding Season


25The nation’s eighth largest auto insurance provider, the USAA has warned motorists that this is the start of deer mating because it is already fall. There had been lots of accidents because of this season. It may have been reported that generally in the year 2008 – 2009 that injuries or fatalities due to animal- vehicle collision had decreased but USAA says otherwise. In the same period according to USAA, that the number of those claiming with their insurance has increased seven percent.

Collisions with animals are costly for those with car insurance and in 2009 that the average claims was $2,886. Collisions are mostly deadly if not serious injuries. Between 2001 to 2008 human deaths due to collisions with animals rose from 177 to 210 and that is 19% increase.

November is the most collision- prone month and this is because during this season which is fall is when the mating or breeding season of deers. So motorists are warned to be more cautious at this time of the year. It has been found out that the reason why the number of deer has increased because there are lesser hunters and there had been more houses built near wildlife territories. Motorists are warned to be more alert during dawn or dusk, these are the times that they looking for food.

Among the states West Virginia had the highest number of animal – vehicle collisions in 2009 according to USAA.

USAA as the eighth auto insurance company in the land is offering tips to motorists and to mention a few here they are:

It will be good to be alert when you see a deer from a distance and honking at it or they would somehow alert them that they might be caught in traffic. By braking firmly you save yourself from swerving to avoid the deer. When your car swerves that might cause you to hit a post, another car or hit a tree.

Using the good old seatbelt will definitely make a difference. Deer are mostly active during duck or dawn and during these times you need to be wearing your seatbelt because you would not expect to step on your brake because there might be a deer that suddenly causes your path.

One last tip is, when you accidentally hit a deer do not attempt to inspect it by yourself. A deer is still an animal and if they feel they are threatened they will do something unexpected to humans. The best thing to do is report the incident to proper authorities and let them handle the situation.