Complacent entertainer gets a ten


01How many entertainers have you heard of being caught drunk while driving or perhaps under the influence of illegal drugs and what about some given the nth time a ticket for being complacent behind the wheel? Below is one of the entertainers that has been issued the 10th ticket already in UK.

One of these entertainers is Katie Price who was a former glamour model and an aspiring writer. Katie Price as some people may not know is from England. Recently was caught veering across a busy dual carriageway and was also seen using her mobile phone while driving.

Swinton, England’s leading car insurance company is warning all motorists to always follow road rules and focus fully while driving and avoid using cell phones while driving. There are more dangers when people are using their mobile phones while driving because the focus is not totally on what’s going on the road. Accidents could be avoided as well.

Katie Price was given a GBP 1,000 fine plus fee costs when appearing in court and adding 3 points to her recent points which totals now to 10 tickets for driving violations. Because of this she can expect a very high increase in her car insurance premium.

Insurance Development Manager of Swinton, Steve Chelton says, motorists are supposed to be mindful of themselves as well as others. When using a mobile phone, one has to think of that danger it may bring to oneself as well as other motorists. Full attention on the raod and traffic laws is a must for every motorist. It has always been a rule of the thumb that every motorist wherever they may be should always think of others and not just oneself.

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