Auto Insurance News Archive for August, 2014

  • You can save on car insurance

    by Richard Burton
    You can save on car insurance

    Savings on car insurance may be old news to some, but if you have been paying larger sums for car insurance year after year, you should know there is a way to make savings even in this field. We all tend to be victims of our habits and not checking for car insurance rates could be one of those “bad” habits. According to NerdWall website, on average, US drivers spend over 300 dollars more than they should each time they buy car insurance. It also shows that drivers could save even more than 30% only if they only took some … (more) August 18, 2014

  • The future of automobile industry

    by Richard Burton
    The future of automobile industry

    When it comes to cars, in previous few years much has been said in about safety of passengers and drivers. There were only a few words though about the safety of the environment. After making huge steps in backing up all that has been said about drivers’ safety, it seems automobile manufacturers are making the first steps towards backing up all that was discussed about environment. Automotive industry’s new models are being designed and built to fit into a “lightweight” category with the goal of reducing fuel usage and limiting gas emissions. Much has already been done in field of … (more) August 10, 2014