Proposal to allow traffic stops, even if it is only for insurance check


A lawmaker from Oklahoma has proposed that law enforcement officers should be allowed to stop motorists just to check their auto insurance and see if it is up to date. In order to drive around legally in Oklahoma, you are supposed to obtain liability insurance. However, some feel that this proposal is totally unconstitutional.

Lindsay Gallemore supports this proposal as she has been a victim in the recent times. During last summer, an uninsured motorist hit her causing a huge amount of damage. The driver was subsequently let off with just a ticket, while she ended up paying thousands of dollars due the damage caused to her vehicle. She also suffered a mild concussion as a result of this.

Gallemore added that those who didn’t have insurance should not be allowed on the roads. She also added that she would support the House Bill 2525 that would allow the law enforcement authorities to pull over motorists in order to check their insurance. She was also in favor of ‘running a license plate’ because that will help in finding out if they don’t have valid insurance and if there have been warrants for their arrest.

However, Rep. Steve Martin who is the bill’s author states that officers are already in the habit of checking car tags for the other crimes as well. Martin also added that this does not give law enforcement officers the authority to just ask you to pull over because he simply wants you to. They can only do so, if they have an indication on their computers that you don’t have insurance. However, if the system shows that you are uninsured, then there is a high possibility that you may be uninsured.

David Tacket from the group Oklahomans for Liberty has called this bill ‘a violation of the Fourth Amendment.’ He feels that the officers don’t need a probable reason to pull over a motorist without ascertaining facts or checking the car tags for auto insurance. Tacket also added that giving the government agencies too much of power may result in the abuse of power.

Tacket also stated that the road to hell was ‘paved basically with good intentions,’ but he feels that everyone has to take a stand against this bill. He feels that the police should not be allowed to simply pull over the motorists only so they can check their auto insurance.