New automatic brake technology may help cut car insurance premium rates


14Auto insurance companies emphasize the importance of factors that can help cut down car insurance premium rates so that people can take advantage of cheaper auto insurance policies. They said that among the things that they consider when deciding on what coverage rate the applicant will be on, the safety measures of the car are taken in high consideration. They said that from statistical data, cars that have less or no safety gadgets installed in their vehicles are the ones that are more prone to car accidents. They said that if the car is not safe, they give high premiums because they know that these are accident prone vehicles. And that means more claims will be filed with a risky car. On the other hand, they said that the more safety measures that are fitted in the car, the less risk it carries on the road.

Statistical data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration indicates that safety measures that lower the risk of cranial injuries by 80% are seatbelts and airbags. Cars that have functional seatbelts and airbags are more likely to have lower premiums than cars that have broken seatbelts and have no airbags.

Just this July, the car company Nissan introduced a new technology to increase the vehicles’ road safety measures, the “Forward Collision Avoidance Assist Concept”. This technology allows automobiles to automatically brake to evade collision with another vehicle or object. Radar and a computer are combined in a device and are installed behind the vehicle’s front bumper to sense and record the distance of objects from the car. If the instrument senses that the car is coming close to the object at dangerous speed, it alerts the driver through a sound and lifts the gas pedal and presses the brakes. It is not an abrupt technology. The brakes are pressed at a gradual pace allowing the driver to take action in case he or she was not aware of the proximity of the object as well as the speed of the car.

If this technology was proven to reduce car accidents, this safety feature of a car can help reduce auto insurance premium rates according to auto insurance companies. Anything that can help in making the vehicle safe is a plus for auto insurance companies. The makers of the concept and especially Nissan have high hopes in the performance of their technology in reducing car collisions as well as aid in contributing to cheap auto insurance.