Increase on animal-vehicle collision rate in fall


07The fall season has the height of breeding season of deer. During this natural phenomenon, their number increases and they tend to cross highways and roads. Because of this, there have been records of increased rate in animal-vehicle impact. Auto insurances have taken data regarding this situation and said that there is also an increase on claims regarding this type of collision during this season.

In between the years of 2008 and 2009 fall season, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or NHTSA claimed that the rate of injury and fatal accidents from vehicle to vehicle accidents went down but animal to vehicle increased its rate up seven percent. It usually starts in spring and skyrockets in fall particularly in the month of November. From spring of last year, it jumped 69 percent rise in auto insurance animal-vehicle collision claims starting September so here we can really see how evident these types of impacts are. It is quite evident throughout the country but these are the states that have the highest number of animal-vehicle automobile collisions: Mississippi, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Wisconsin, West Virginia, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, and Iowa. Another reason for the increased number of animal-vehicle collisions and claims according to experts is that deer has multiplied throughout the years because of houses being built in their territories. This means that there are fewer predators that can hunt them down to balance their number.

Auto insurances are getting ready for the escalation of claims this fall because it has been reported that last year, the average cost or expense for filing this type of claim is up to an approximate $3000. This is a pretty expensive sum for seasonal claims so auto insurance companies try their best to give tips to their policyholders on how to drive safely during this season.

Some also emphasized some steps on how to avoid accident such as braking firmly as opposed to swerving just to avoid the animal on the road. Motorists are also reminded of their safety measures. They should always keep their seatbelts on, check their brakes, and also wear helmets if they have motorcycles. Another is that, they should also be aware of deer behavior so they would know what time of the day they will experience deer sightings and encounters. Experts say that they are out and about during dusk and dawn hours because this is when they go looking for food. People should be very careful when driving in these hours especially when they are traveling through one of the states indicated above. Auto insurance companies all over the country are concerned of their motorists come this deer mating season. Although some may not go to places where deer is abundant, it is always best to take precaution.