Top rated models for the next year


Automobile manufacturers are not always eager to implement enough safety measures to new models as much as they like to advertise. Luckily, consumers do have allies in form of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) to provide safety guidelines, run crash tests, make recalls and rate each model separately. Automobile accidents and crashes are parts of our lives even with those drivers considered to be extra careful.

IIHS tests each model through series of crashes and situations in which car gets rolled over, hits various objects on the road or collide with another vehicle. Depending on how each model performs it gets a rate, from acceptable or good all the way to superior rating which presents the top mark in car safety. Models which achieve superiority are then marked as Top Safety Pick + by IIHS. If you are thinking about purchasing a new car, below are some of the models that were chosen as Top Safety Pick (or Pick +) for the year 2015.

Honda Fit, 2015 model – at first this car didn’t pass the crash test due to poor strength of the bumper beam which was later redesigned to give it acceptable mark and pass the test. With some other improvements done on versions from 2009 and 2013 which were also implemented with this model new Fit got its Top Safety Pick award. Models produced before June of 2014 are also being refitted with new bumper.

Hyundai Sonata and Genesis, 2015 models – both models from Asian manufacturer managed to pass all IIHS tests with flying colors (only one mark was acceptable, all others were basic or good). Sonata is being advertised as mid-price ranged car and holds a huge part of the US market, with Top Safety Pick for the year 2015. Hyundai is certainly going to achieve even better sale results. Genesis model aced the front crash test and with all other test results marked as good is considered as one of the safest cars you can buy today under a $40000 mark.

Subaru also has two models for the next year marked as a Top Safety Picks – Impreza WRX and Legacy. Japanese manufacturer models were always considered as the fastest for the money (under $30000), but it seems that speed doesn’t sell as much as safety today. If you are looking for European made car don’t go further than Volkswagen Golf/GTI model for 2015 which has Top Safety Pick + award attached to its name. Those who want a domestic made car should consider Chrylser 200 which also has scored very well and has Top Safety Pick + rating.