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Ohio Auto Insurance Quotes

Ohio is one of the Midwestern States in the United States and its nicknames are the Buckeye State and the Mother of Presidents. The population of Ohio is about 11.5 million and the capital of Ohio is Columbus. When you drive a vehicle Ohio, you should comply with the driving and vehicle insurance laws of the state to avoid penal action by the Ohio Department of Insurance. If you wish to get complete details on Ohio auto insurance and also obtain competitive auto insurance quotes from all the insurance carriers operating in Ohio, you have selected the best site on the Internet. Ohio auto insurance coverage requirements are quite low compared to several other states. Hence, you will need expert guidance on complying with the statutory Ohio auto insurance laws and also have adequate coverage.

Auto insurance is a basic necessity, but there are many who don't seem to think so. In fact, even the minimum that is prescribed in each state will not suffice in the event of being involved in an accident. Hence, policyholders should purchase additional coverage depending on what they need to meet their individual requirements. It is important to purchase the coverage that is just right and it should neither be inadequate nor unnecessary.

Proof of financial responsibility

As per the requirement of Ohio auto insurance laws anyone operating a vehicle will have to establish proof of financial responsibility coverage even if the vehicle does not belong to them. If the driver fails to establish proof of coverage, he/she will risk losing the license for a period of 90 days if it is a first-time offense. There will be a one-year suspension for a second offense, and in case there are subsequent offenses, the license plates would be confiscated and the registration would be cancelled.
If the license has to be reinstated, the fees may range anywhere between $75 and $500. Repeat offenders will have to purchase high-risk insurance for a period of three to five years. At times, the vehicles may also be impounded.

Coverage Options for Residents In Ohio

Ohio auto insurance also has the minimum mandated by the Insurance Commissioner. The state minimums are $12,500 for bodily injury per person, $25,000 per accident, and $7,500 for damage to property. Apart from the minimum liability coverage mandated by the state, drivers are expected to carry proof of insurance at all times. Alternatively, motorists can also cover themselves with a surety bond that is authorized. This may be cash or government bond of not less than $30,000. It may also be in the form of a BMV bond that is secured by real estate equity worth at least $60,000.

Although Ohio has not made the Uninsured or Underinsured motorist coverage mandatory, this is an additional coverage that is highly recommended. This coverage offers protection to the motorist in case he/she is involved in an accident where the opposite party is not adequately covered.

Since, Ohio is a Tort state you will not be required to carry no-fault insurance. In Tort states, the driver at fault has to pay for the medical expenses incurred by the victim. The victim may also sue for compensation as well as additional lost wages, pain and suffering etc.

Ohio DUI Laws

As per Ohio auto insurance laws you could be charged for OVI or operating a Vehicle Intoxicated, if your BAC or blood alcohol content is 0.08%, which is the minimum that can impair a person.If you are pulled up on the suspicion of OVI, and if you fail to submit yourself to a chemical test, your license could be suspended for a period of one year.

The firs Ohio OVI offense will attract a penalty of $250 to $1,000 along with imprisonment for a period of 3 days to 6 months. It may also include a 3-day driver intervention program. The jail term may be increased to 6 days in case the BAC is found to be over 0.17% and the license would be suspended for six months to three years. The reinstatement fee would amount to $450. A second Ohio OVI offense will result in a 10-day jail term followed by electronic home monitoring for a period of 18 days to six months. The jail term would be increased to 20 days if the BAC is over 0.17% or more. It would also result in license suspension for a period of 1 to 5 years and the reinstatement fee would be $450. A second offense will also attract a fine of $350 to $1,500.

Laws for teens and other drivers

Around 50% of the motorists who belong to the 18 to 24 age group admit to texting messages while driving and a majority of the accidents are caused due to distraction while driving. Due to the increase in the number of accidents the Ohio legislature is seriously considering stricter laws with regard to use of cellphones. The Ohio House Bill 415 prohibits texting while driving. There are around six states that have already banned the use of wireless handheld devices while driving. Statistics have shown that there is a 23% increase in the likelihood of being involved in an accident due to distractions caused by the cell phones. If you are caught using the cell phone while driving you could face stiff penalties and you may even have to serve a jail term in case you cause an accident due to distractions while driving, mainly due to cellphone usage.

Ohio follows the GDL or Graduated Driver Licensing system for teenage drivers. Teen drivers must be 15 years old and have proof of age and identity. Teenage drivers also need the consent of a parent or guardian to obtain the temporary instruction permit. Teens are also required to hold the learner's permit for at least 6 months before taking the Ohio driver license skills test. They should also complete 24 hours of classroom instruction and have 50 hours of behind the wheel practice that includes 10 hours of nighttime driving as well.

In order to obtain the Probationary Driver License, the teenage driver should be at least 17 years old and meet all the necessary requirements. They must pass a written test, vision test, as well as road skills test. There are a number of teen driver restrictions that must be followed, failing which the licenses may be suspended and there will be a delay in obtaining the valid Ohio driver's license.

There are a number of auto insurance companies. In order to get some of the best deals, you should ideally shop online. You can obtain multiple quotes from various websites. Carry out a comparison of quotes and then decide the insurance carrier you wish to go with. In case you need further clarification, you may contact the auto insurance company directly or go through a licensed insurance agent. Choose your auto insurance provider with care to avoid problems in future.