Franklin Auto Insurance in Ohio

Every Franklin car insurance policy should offer certain amount of financial protection to the policy holder in case of mishaps. While every Franklin auto insurance policy in Ohio should cover the minimum requirements specified by the state, customer can opt for enhanced Franklin auto insurance cover by going in for the various types of liabilities offered by many insurance providers.

What benefits should Franklin auto insurance in Ohio offer?

The auto insurance laws in Franklin are based on the state laws of Ohio. This means that every car owner must have at least 12500 dollars of coverage against any injury sustained personally as a result of the accident and at least 25000 dollars of coverage against any injury sustained by all members involved in the accident. The law also requires you to have at least 7500 dollars of coverage against damage caused to property involved in the accident in Franklin, Ohio.

The insurance coverage must offer you a number of benefits along with normal coverage. Some of them are mandated by law and others vary based on the type of company. We shall go through some of these benefits offered in Franklin, Ohio.

One of the most common and in fact compulsory benefit that all insurance companies must offer is the no fault coverage. We shall first try to understand what no fault auto insurance is.

In third party insurance policies, the insurance company will normally not pay you for accidents in which you were not the party at fault. That means you have to prove that you were the party which was at fault in order to get reimbursed from the insurance company. And if you are not the party at fault, then you must get the other party to pay for your damages through his or her auto insurance policy. All this is a hassle because its both costly and time consuming. Hence the government of the United States of America came up with the no fault policy.

The no fault policy means that no matter who is at fault in an accident, your insurance company must and should pay you the money you are liable to get without litigation. This will save you a lot of time and money.

But there is a flipside to this law. The problem is that if your insurance company pays for the losses incurred, then your premium will go up. And hence you will end up paying more every quarter.

There are other benefits offered by some insurance companies based on what sort of a customer you are. You could own a fleet of cars and be a favorite customer or you could be under an umbrella insurance policy where your health, life and auto insurance are under the same company. In these cases you might get special bonuses and discounts. You might also get seasonal waivers on the premium that you need to pay every quarter in Franklin, Ohio.

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