Aurora Auto Insurance in Ohio

Just like in every state of the United States, Ohio also has listed out minimum requirements for Aurora car insurance. It is important that each insurance policy provided by every Aurora auto insurance company in Ohio meets these minimum requirements. While it is the choice of each individual to opt for higher coverage on the Aurora auto insurance policy, minimum legal requirements are a mandate.

Legal requirements for Aurora auto insurance in Ohio

Aurora is a city in portage county, Ohio, United States. The population was around 13,500 back in the year 2000.

In Ohio the state law requires that every car owner needs to have at least 12500 dollars worth of coverage for personal body injury and 25000 dollars coverage for injuries sustained collectively as a result of the accident. And the law also requires one to have at least 7500 dollars coverage for property damage as a result of the accident.

If you are covered for the basic requirements as stated above, you will be pretty much in the clear when it comes to legality issues. Otherwise, it actually is not enough when you think about how much you might end up spending if you meet with an accident.

There are two types of auto insurance policies in Aurora, Ohio. This is pretty much the same as most of the states in the United States of America.

The first party insurance or comprehensive insurance is the most popular type of auto insurance among first time car buyers. It is also the most expensive type of auto insurance you can get. But it gives you peace of mind as there are not many hassles in this type of insurance. It will cover you even in the case where you bang your car against a tree or any other inanimate object. It will also cover you against instances where you are not at fault when you have an accident with another vehicle. This is good because you do not need to take the case to court and ask the other guy to pay up.

The other type of insurance is the first party fire and theft auto insurance. In this type of auto insurance you are not reimbursed if you are not at fault when you have an accident. But you will be paid the money if you suffer losses due to fire or robbery.

The last type of insurance in aurora, Ohio is the third party insurance. In this case you are paid up only if you were at fault when the accident occurred. If in case the accident was caused by the other person, your insurance company will not pay the amount. Hence you are legally entitled to litigate in order to retrieve the money lost due to damages or injuries sustained as a result of the accident. Third party insurance is also the cheapest type of insurance in Aurora, Ohio.

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