Baltimore Auto Insurance in Ohio

The state specifies certain minimum requirements for every Baltimore car insurance policy. This ensures that in case of any mishaps, the people and property involved will be covered at least to a certain extent. Since these requirements differ from one state to the other, you should know the requirements for Baltimore auto insurance coverage in Ohio when you decide to buy or renew your existing Baltimore auto insurance policy.

Legal requirements for Baltimore car insurance in Ohio

Baltimore is a small village in the Fairfield County of the state of Ohio. According to the census of 2000, the population was 2881 in Baltimore, Ohio.

The legal requirements for car insurance in Baltimore are the same as the entire state of Ohio, as it is governed by Ohio state laws.

Ohio state laws require a car owner to have both personal injury coverage and property damage coverage. There are limits set by law, below which you cannot own insurance. So what are these legal limitations?

The required minimum coverage for bodily injury liability is twelve thousand five hundred dollars per person injured in a single accident. And it is twenty five thousand dollars for all the people who were injured as a result of the accident either directly or indirectly.

The minimum coverage required for property damage is seven thousand five hundred dollars for all damage incurred to both public and private property as a result of the accident.

In addition to the above, Baltimore, Ohio state law requires drivers to be covered for tort option and medical benefits/burial expenses.

Tort option coverage is required because most individuals do not actually take the case to court for fear of losing time and money. In this case, when you are insured for tort option; you can go ahead and fight your legal battles without feeling worried about the consequences. As your insurance company will pay all the legal fees involved in taking the proceedings to court. The reason it is prudent to actually litigate is because you would unnecessarily be increasing your premium by asking your insurance agency to pay for the accident damages. Instead you can take the case to court and make the rival party pay up without affecting your premium.

Medical benefits coverage will help you claim reimbursements for all the non emergency procedures to be performed after initial recovery from your injuries. You don't have to burst your bank account by paying costly medical bills. Usually this is covered by health insurance. But if you have taken an umbrella policy with all your family member involved in it, then the auto insurance would also include medical benefits coverage.

Burial expenses will cover the costs incurred in burying the bodies. And also other cemetery fees which would have to be incurred in case of a death. There are also fees to be paid to the hearse van service. Death is a sad event and there is no point in adding to the grief by having to face a dearth of money during this hard time.

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