Oxford Auto Insurance in Ohio

Like with all the other cities in various states of the USA, there are certain minimum requirements specified by the law for the Oxford car insurance. It is important to ensure that the Oxford auto insurance companies in Ohio from whom you are purchasing the Oxford auto insurance cover these minimum requirements in the policy they offer you.

Minimum requirements for Oxford auto insurance coverage in Ohio

Oxford is a city in northwestern Butler County, Ohio in the United States of America. The population was just over 22000 according to the 2000 census. It is basically a college town which was created to house the Miami University.

The laws of the state of Ohio apply in the city of Oxford, Ohio. And hence it is mandatory to have auto insurance according to the auto insurance laws.

The minimum coverage required for bodily injury liability in Ohio is $12500 for each person injured in the accident and $25000 for all the persons injured as a result of the accident. The minimum coverage required for property damage resulting from an accident is $7500 per accident.

So what do these minimum requirements actually mean?

The first clause means that every single person injured in the accident is eligible for claims up to $12500. But the second clause means that all the persons involved and injured in the accident can as a whole not claim more than $25000. So irrespective of the number of persons involved in the accident, the maximum claim that can be made for injuries is $25000. And the last clause is self explanatory. And it very clear that in serious accidents, this minimum auto insurance coverage is just not enough for covering all the property damage accrued as a result of the accident.

The minimum requirements are just a guide line that has to be followed. It is not a fact that this amount is sufficient for all the damage that one might have incurred. In order to actually indemnify yourself you might have to take a better insurance policy. But this means that you will have to pay lot more in premiums every quarter.

There are other minimums like tort option coverage and medical benefits coverage. The tort option coverage is required in order to ensure that you have sufficient funds in order to initiate a law suit. The minimum for this is around $5000. And the medical benefits coverage is required to ensure that you have the funds for post operative treatment and medicines. The minimum auto insurance coverage required is again around $5000 in Oxford, Ohio.

There are severe penalties for not owning the basic auto insurance coverage. This can include revocation of your license, fines ranging up to $200 and even jail sentences. In case you are involved in an accident without owning auto insurance, you can be jailed and sentenced to a crime.

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