Ohio Auto Insurance Coverage


The State of Ohio, like many other states in Untied States, has made Auto Insurance mandatory. Auto insurance ensures financial responsibility in the case of an accident. A person who has insurance cover can pay for any damages he has caused in an accident. In the state of Ohio, it is a punishable offense to drive without proof of insurance. There are two major aspects to insurance coverage. These are liability coverage and property damage coverage.

Liability coverage pays for any bodily injury that you might have caused in the accident. The State of Ohio has fixed the minimum liability coverage at twelve thousand five hundred dollars per person for bodily injury in an accident. The minimum liability in total per accident is twenty five thousand dollars for a maximum of two persons. Property damage coverage covers any damages caused to property during the accident. This includes any damage to the other person’s car. It will pay for any repairs or even replacement if needed. Property damage will also pay for any damage caused to buildings, fences, lamp posts etc. The minimum property damage coverage is seven thousand five hundred dollars. However, this is only the minimum. In most of the accidents, damages far exceed the insurance amounts. It is always a good idea to get your self insured for more than the minimum amount.

There are many other kinds of policies too. These cover aspects not covered in liability and property damage. One such insurance coverage would be uninsured or underinsured coverage. These two are similar policies with very few differences. Uninsured policy pays for any damage caused to you when you are involved in an accident and the person responsible for the accident is not covered by any kind of insurance. Underinsured policy covers your damages when you are involved in an accident with a driver or motorist whose insurance policy does not cover all the damages. Even though this is not a mandatory form of coverage in the State of Ohio, it is a very common policy. Many states have made one of the two or even both mandatory.

Another form of insurance policy would be medical payments coverage. This is a policy that insurance companies advise to have and use as soon as possible. This policy pays for the medical expenses of the injured in the accident. This reduces the chances of the injured person suing you. A few policies even cover lost wages.

The other common form of insurance would be physical damage coverage. This policy covers any physical damage to your car. There are two policies within this coverage. They are collision damage and comprehension. Collision damage would take care of any damage caused to your car during an accident. It would pay for repairs and any replacement if needed. Comprehensive coverage covers any damages caused to your car other than accidents. This includes any damage by heavy rain or hailstorms. It also includes vandalisms or thefts. These are policies not made mandatory by the law. However, if there is alien on the car, they might be needed for new vehicles.