Ohio – Tips for Saving on Car Insurance


Every citizen in the State of Ohio has made it compulsory for every person to have auto insurance. If they do not have auto insurance they must have a bond with the state treasurer for an amount of thirty thousand dollars. This bond or auto insurance is to prove the driver’s financial responsibility. He should be able to pay for any damage that might occur in the event of an accident. He should only drive a motor vehicle if he has the proof of insurance to prove his financial responsibility.

The minimum liability that a person has to show in the State of Ohio is twelve thousand five hundred dollars for bodily injury per person and twenty five thousand dollars for bodily injury in total accounting for two persons. The minimum amount for property damage would be seven thousand five hundred dollars. This is the minimum amount imposed by the state of Ohio. However, more often than not, this amount is not enough to cover all the damages. Insurance industry’s experts believe that a much larger sum is needed and many people do get insurances form much larger sums. Insurance is mandatory but it does not have to be very expensive. This article gives you a few tips on saving some money while buying insurance.

The main tip would be to compare vendors. Go to a lot of vendors and get quotes from each of them. Compare prices and choose the one best suited for your purposes. Choose the policies with care. You do not have to buy each policy the company offers. Choose the ones you want and plan your finances. Select the policies and go to the vendor offering the bet rate for them. Grouping insurances is a great money saver. If you have more than one vehicle, get insurance at the same place. You are bound to get a discount. Many companies offer a discount if you have a student in your household with great grades. This is an incentive to the student to keep those grades up. Getting health insurance along with auto insurance is a great idea. If you have a good health insurance policy, you will be able to reduce the amount on your auto insurance and save money.

Carpools are eligible for a lot of discounts. If you are a member of a carpool, mention it and get a discount. You will also be saving fuel this way. Claim for only the major problems with your ar. If you claim for every small thing and increase the number of claims, you will have to end up paying more as rates. Any small dent or scratch is better if sorted out of your own pocket. Another method of saving money would be raising the deductibles on your physical damage policy. This will reduce your premiums by a significant amount. This might reduce the amount you get during an accident, but the money you will have saved up due to the raise in the deductibles will help you out. You will be saving money over all. Comprehensive and collision coverage are the two physical damage policies.