5 Tips for Trimming Down Your Auto Insurance Costs


Costs of vehicles are on the rise, and car insurance companies are not considering lowering down insurance costs either. Let’s not lose hope though, as there are still things that can be done to lessen the burden of vehicle associated costs on your wallet.
To help you lower your monthly expenses, here are 5 tips that can aid you in save you hard earned dollars.

1. Opt for a Defensive Driving Course

Some insurance companies offer discount to those individuals who have successfully completed a defensive driving course. Though, most insurance agents do not directly tell you about the discount if you have such a license, so be sure to ask the agent while applying for driver or car insurance.

2. Insure Multiple Cars at a Time

If an auto insurance agent provides you with a quote for a single vehicle, there is a good chance that you will be quoted higher for one vehicle. But there is also possibility that if you apply for insurance of multiple vehicles or drivers, the company may offer a discount on each one of it.

Insurance agents mostly offer a discounted lump sum price quote to sell more insurance policies at a time. They might also provide you with a discount if you make a deal to recommend them to more people.

3. Having a Clean Record Matters

The more accidents you have met or the more traffic violations are registered with your name, the more you’d have to pay in terms of annual premiums. For those who don’t know, there are points assigned to a driver for traffic violations. The higher your score is; the greater will be the annual premium. So be sure to stay out of trouble and keep a clean record.

4. Carefully Select Your Vehicle

Though buying a SUV may sound exciting, but insuring such a giant sized and luxurious vehicle is far more expensive as compared to a smaller and cheaper car. Also, older cars have somewhat same rates as lower cost cars. Again, before making a purchase, do consult an insurance agent to find the insurance rates of different vehicles, so that you can see what options you have at your disposal.

5. Shop Around for More Quotes

If the prices of policy renewal of the company you are currently insured with have just went up, then you might want to consider looking around for other options. It might be possible that competing companies could provide you with a relatively cheaper quote. It is also advisable to check with other companies in every two or three years to see if they are providing comparatively lower insurance rates and annual premiums.

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