Easy to follow tips for saving on car insurance


At a time, when the economy is slumping across the planet, every dollar saved is a dollar earned. One of the areas where you can look at to save quite a few dollars is the auto insurance that you pay for. When you plan properly and execute it well, you can save a lot on your car insurance. In fact, there are simple tips that are easy to follow and can still save you a lot of money at the end of the year. The simplest tip you could get is to drive safe and slowly. If you haven’t violated any traffic rules, whether it is jumping the signal or speeding over the limits, then in a year or two, you will be able to negotiate for a discount from your auto insurance provider. Besides, you will become a far safer driver. All these factors are interrelated. For example, a safe driver doesn’t get involved in accidents as a result of which they don’t make insurance claims often.

If you haven’t made insurance claims in the past, you can negotiate for a discount. Therefore, it is a good idea to not claim for insurance for small repairs or damages which will hardly cost you anything. Another simple tip to save on car insurance is to avoid taking out your car at least one day every week. You can go for car pooling or use public transportation. This will save substantial mileage at the end of the year, putting you in a lower bracket. Auto insurance premiums tend to be the highest for those with high mileage and those who commute daily in their cars. So, you can save on auto insurance by avoiding driving just a day or two every week.

Maintaining a good credit score enables you to get better credit card and loan terms, better rewards and lower interest rates. Another benefit often ignored is your auto insurance whose premiums tend to go down for people with impressive credit scores. So, make sure you maintain your credit history, pay your bills on time and not maintain outstanding balances. By taking care of your credit score, you automatically earn some brownie points with the auto insurance providers. If you are a student, you can save on car insurance by getting better grades at college.

You can save on car insurance by installing systems which make your car safer against thefts as well as accidents. These systems lower the chance of your making insurance claims and thus lower your auto insurance premiums. Instead of compromising on coverage, it is a better idea to check where you can save on auto insurance premium and bring it down. A very simple tip is to look around, a month before your insurance expires. Instead of blindly renewing your auto insurance coverage, you need to request for quotes online from other insurance providers. This will give you an idea about the existing rates and what other companies are willing to offer.