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Mercury Auto Insurance was established in Los Angeles, California in 1961. For almost three decades, the insurer avoided expansion and remained deeply rooted in California until it decided to expand into other states in 1990. The company currently has branches in 12 states with dedicated representatives and independent brokers and agents in its sales force. Prospective clients can avail of claim filing and quote services from the company’s website. However, they cannot avail of online policy purchases. For convenience’s sake, policy holders can also renew their policies and pay premiums. At present, Mercury Insurance has a 5,500-strong workforce, excluding independent agents.

The company excels in providing commercial vehicle insurance, focusing on fleet vehicles so companies can get more affordable insurance premiums. However, there are some restrictions in place. Companies have to be eligible to avail of the coverage. Moreover, the companies’ employees must be covered by workers protection for Mercury to grant potential clients full coverage of their fleet.

Mercury Insurance also provides some features of an auto club, offering protection coverage against vehicle breakdown. This service has been available for clients since 1975. Customers can take out policies for both old and new vehicles. There are also options available, like tire protection and trip interruption coverage. The company also provides mechanical breakdown insurance for cars still covered by factory warranty, as well as rental car coverage.

In its business line, Mercury has also ventured into commercial coverage, which includes office content, leaser’s risk, and even printer replacement. The company also extends its coverage to commercial housing, like apartment buildings and both commercial and industrial companies.