The General

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For nearly 40 years now, The General Company, together with its parent company and predecessor companies, have been providing automobile insurance. They are licensed to operate in 18 states, providing insurance with emphasis on online sales, which also caters to other types of coverage and vehicle financing through affiliates listed on their company websites. One such affiliate is an exclusive insurer of Mexican-owned and operated vehicles. The independent agencies assume the responsibility for the direct location purchases of The General. Customers have the option to file claims online or though the local representative offices.

Unlike many insurance companies that have branched out into other investment markets, The General remains loyal as an automobile underwriter. Among the specializations of the company are the new drivers as well as those who are considered to be high risks due to DUI convictions, traffic violations, or those who have coverage lapses with other agencies. The company is designed to fit the widest range of budgets, offering very low down payments and affordable monthly rates. A proposal to extend coverage to drivers who are renting or borrowing vehicles either covered by insurance or not is now conceptualized by the company. Safe drivers and individuals who are working in professional and emergency service vocations enjoy the benefit of discounts.

The company’s website provides links to insurance-related information, including vehicle and car seat recalls, crash test results, and the American Automobile Association (AAA). For those who prefer to purchase from a particular location, a local agent locater is available.

Although small, the company is operating at a stable pace and is being financially rated by the A.M. Best as excellent with an overall net worth between 100 and 250 million dollars. The General also rates between average and good for customer satisfaction.