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Established in 1876 and located in Van Wert, Ohio, Central Insurance Company is a foremost provided of home, auto, and business insurance. To date, the firm has 321,000 policy holders spread out over 19 states. In its long history, the company has transformed into a formidable group of companies with over $1 Billion worth of assets.

Using an independent agency system, the firm delegates its services to individual agents who review each and every client and their unique needs. They then recommend the most appropriate insurance coverage, price, and service based on their findings. This reduces the time needed for the processing of claims significantly.

Since it is operating in many states, Central Insurance Company can easily render its services to prospective clients. Its independent representative system allows local agents to deal with policy holders and customers at the grassroots level. By giving representatives the freedom to interact and deal with clients locally, the company is able to maintain a solid foothold in the different states it has presence in.

As testament to the company’s achievements, it is a recipient of local and regional awards. In its corporate headquarters, the Van Wert Area Chamber of Commerce awarded the company with the Golden Shovel Award for its building projects and major renovations, and the Community Cornerstone Award for its contribution to the community. The Central Insurance Company was also recognized with the 2006 Best Practices Award of Excellence and the 2007 Interface Award the year after.

The company realizes that its services need to address the immediate needs of its clients. As such, Central Insurance Company reinvents itself continuously to provide its policy holders the assistance they deserve.