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Created in 1950, the Infinity Auto Insurance was built with the special purpose of focusing on insuring the customers who may have trouble with getting insurance from other companies due to a higher risk assessment. Today, seven other corporations are under the Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation namely Atlanta Casualty Companies, Great American Personal Lines, Infinity Group, Leader Insurance Companies, and the Windsor Insurance Company.

The company is listed among the top 50 property and casualty companies in the United States today, and ranks as the second largest among companies that provide non-standard policies through independent agents. The company operates on a focused approach despite being licensed to provide insurance in all fifty states, specifically through a list of major urban areas and the states in which they exist. This urban focus is sufficient enough to allow the company a slow yet continuous growth in less urban centers. The company also provides insurance for classic and collectible vehicles for high-risk drivers.

Nationwide, the company employs 2,100 people and several thousand more as independent sales agents. All drivers are provided with an automobile coverage with more attention to those who may have had a few incidents or violations on their driving records in the past, or to vehicles that are otherwise difficult to insure. This strategy adopted by the company has proven to be effective in reaching the target areas of operation that are in need of their expert services.

The company encourages growth through employee motivation with more emphasis on the individual performance of employees and their interactions. It is the company’s belief that by keeping the employees happy and satisfied, they will be able to provide better service to their customers.