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American Family Insurance was established in 1927 and now has offices in 18 states with some 12,000 agents in total. The company’s policies are written by agents who design them based on the specific needs of their clients. Originally founded by Herman Witter to provide insurance policies to farmers, American Family grew steadily over the years while still retaining its rural roots.

American Family Insurance offers several of the most complete policies to rural farms and ranches ever. Historically, the company has always favored farms and ranches and in turn, they have helped the company in its growth. The states in which the company is active is an indication of their roots in the American farm industry. American Family understands the dangers involved with farm and ranch operations and designs coverage that are suitable for times of less-than-productive periods. Aside from this, the company also provides coverage for travelers, complete with worldwide medical and trip termination options.

American Family Insurance has also ventured outside of its comfort zone and has long realized the need for financial protection, life insurance, and Individual Retirement Annuities (IRAs). The company has gone so far as to provide health and medical care coverage. The image the company aims is a family-oriented one, providing services that a family or small business would need. American Family Insurance is also committed to preserve diversity and join programs aimed at raising awareness and cultural support. In true American Insurance fashion, the company places importance on family and community values and credits these for its continuing success. As such, it is highly involved with many events at the community level and support community projects.

Their presence on the internet can be described as informative though their services are not targeted at acquiring new policy holders. However, their online services offer speedy and efficient processing of claims or premium payments. It is always relatively easy to keep in contact with an agent in the respective states and the website functions as a bridge between the clients and the company.