ACE Limited

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ACE Limited Group was established originally in the Cayman Islands and has been known worldwide as one of the biggest names in the insurance industry. In 2008, it founded its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland. One of the recent events that took place was the acquirement of Atlantic Insurance Group, a widely known company offering its "Atlantic Master Plan". To date, the company is operating worldwide in 50 countries and employing more than 16,000 strong employees.

Tracing the roots of ACE Limited brings us way back to 1792, where the first policy is issued by the Insurance Company of North America. However, the name ACE Limited was not founded until 1985 after organizing a successful consortium to 34 companies, which were all listed in Fortune 500. ACE Limited, widely known to provide high risk insurance coverage for commercial companies otherwise, was unable to find an insurance company that fit their requirements. Because ACE Limited has abundant financial resources, they were able to insure and reinsure companies regardless of their size.

While ACE Limited is just a little over 20 years in existence, the company's net worth exceeds $70 billion. ACE is also traded publicly in the New York Stock Exchange under the name NYSE: ACE. In 1999, ACE Limited acquired CIGNA's global property and casualty operation; another milestone penned in its history.

There are myriads of insurance services offered by ACE Limited, which currently include insurance plans, property and casual coverage, health insurance, and accident plans. Noticeably, only very few insurance companies were able to duplicate what ACE Limited has achieved over the past years in providing extensive insurance protection plans worldwide with extremely unusual hazards and anticipated losses.

After all the success ACE Limited has achieved, the company's core insurance coverage still remains on personal accident plans, supplemental health, travel plans, and credit coverage. Their life insurance plans are supplied by independent insurance agents, banks, and telemarketing programs.