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It was only in the 1960’s that Hagerty Insurance Agency decided to serve the populace in Traverse City, Michigan. But this insurance agency differs mostly from other providers because of their limited coverage plans. For instance, during its first years of operation, they only covered wooden boats and collectors’ automobiles. Over the past few decades, their limits have not changed that much, and continues to insure collectible cars, boats, automobiles (classic and antique) and mostly custom-built vehicles of the highest quality.

Hagerty is also known for its trademark of “agreed upon” liability as part of their coverage option where the policyholder agrees to a certain price in an event of a total loss or wreck of the insured property. This releases Hagerty from all the depreciation calculations that other companies will have to endure during claims.

Although Hagerty is considered as an insurance company, their services rendered are comparable to that of an exclusive auto club. They do not only offer vehicle coverage plans but also sends out newsletters, informational materials to their members, and provide legislative advocacy support.

The boat coverage plan is also quite impressive, which includes a full restoration in case of damages and the ability to choose which repair shop does the job within the agreed value coverage.

Everything about Hagerty’s insurance coverage is designed to cater to the needs of collectors. They even use flatbed trucks in their roadside assistance services to protect the vehicles. Additionally, they also provide insurance coverage for large scale collections, touring, overseas shipping and inventories.