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Kemper Insurance Company is a group of companies that markets and sells homes, auto and other insurance types that fall under the personal and casualty line. Kemper Insurance Company has been in the insurance business for over 76 years under the Lumbermens Mutual Casualty Company since its founding in 1926 until being taken under the wing of Unitrin, Inc. a company that according to the New York Stock Exchange has $3 billion worth of assets.

Kemper’s excellent underwriting companies, all rated “A” by A.M. Best, the most trusted insurance rating authority in the industry, serves over 755,000 policy holders. Through its 4,700 independent agents, the Kemper Insurance Company is able to distribute all their personal insurance products all over the country.

The variety of products from the different rated “A” underwriting companies are individually designed to conform to the unique and personal needs of every policy holder that it serves nationwide. These products were generally developed with the thought of integrating and matching the purposes of availing such a convenience to the customer’s kind of lifestyle. Its feature product, the Package Plus, is a great example of the integration of a variety of important insurance policies such as home, collectibles, identity theft, boat and auto into one hefty and reliable policy billed as one. This means lesser hassles and better coverage on the part of the policy holder. This is exactly what Kemper aims to provide.

Kemper is also offering competitive privileges for all its personal line products in the areas of prices, services and enhancements in every policy holder’s automobile coverage, allowing them to be on the road even in the worst and least expected situations. This quality of service expands even more to one of the most important investments – the home. In cases of theft, the policy holder’s valuable possessions are all protected and insured.

Aside from the products, Kemper also makes sure that the policy holders are individually prioritized in terms of service. In accessing policy documents, high flexibility payment solutions through the use of the website in addition to the effective and conventional payment methods, the Kemper Insurance Company assures each customer optimum convenience.

The Kemper Insurance Company offers a 24-hour customer service support for all concerns pertaining to insurance claims. Kemper continues to outdo itself to prove to all policy holders that the company is capable of going beyond their own set expectations to provide the quality service that they deserve.