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In 1999, CNA Personal Insurance Company was acquired by Allstate Financial Group and renamed to Encompass Insurance later. In an effort to bring more “personalized services” to its market, Encompass Insurance decided to focus on only one product – personal insurance policies. Many bigger insurance companies with dozens of insurance policies being served are becoming more commercialized and heavily marketed, lacking the ‘human touch’ with which Encompass hopes to see a good start.

Encompass Insurance policies are largely carried out by independent insurance agents throughout the United States. It has been estimated that there are about 2,800 insurance brokers in 42 continental United States already, including 2,300 committed employees. By the year 2007, a total of $1.7 billion were written in personal insurance policies. Quite remarkably, Encompass Insurance is only available through their independent agents. This has been a major choice for the company ever since, which ultimately became the performance barometer for their service quality and reliability.

Regarding its business stability, Encompass earned a B+ mark from all major insurance rating firms, which means their customer service as well as their marketing philosophies has served its purpose for the company. Built with a strong foundation, quality service and, high customer satisfaction ratings, Encompass Insurance is truly one stable company.

One insurance policy worth noticing is their Universal Security Policy. This allows a single coverage to include home, vehicles, and properties of the insured. The policyholder will simply have to maintain one single premium to cover all. This is yet another milestone Encompass Insurance has created specifically for their clients who are seeking for a simpler way to manage all of their properties.