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With more than 90 years of operation, Farm Bureau continues to serve the farm and rural areas of Iowa. The company practically started catering to the needs of rural areas and from then, it has grown into a major organization covering 15 states and managed by more than 2,000 devoted employees.

The company has also expanded its product line which now includes life insurance policies. This was made possible by affiliating with Western Agricultural Insurance Company, allowing them to expand their coverage to eight other states. Additionally, Farm Bureau is now offering auto and personal protection policies as well. With these developments, Farm Bureau is able to diversify its services and is now serving more clients than they ever had before.

To date, the company is wholly owned and operated by FBL Financial Group Inc., with total estimated assets at $5.7 billion as of 2007. They also own EquiTrust Life Insurance Company and other banking and financial institutions that fostered Farm Bureau to offer loans and investments in rural communities.

FBL Financial Group is a full featured bank offering savings and checking accounts, loans and investment funds. A.M. Best, a respectable financial rating company, rated FBL Financials with an exceptional product quality and customer service.

In 2008, Ward Group named Farm Bureau Life Insurance Company as one of the Top 50 Performers of the year. Farm Bureau also maintains and updates their website, sending valuable information to their policy holders, agent locations, and economic profiles targeted for their potential investors. FBL Financial Group is truly one of the few companies able to live up with its promise to provide an excellent communication between their employees and customers.