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Back in the year 1844, The Mercer Country Mutual Fire Insurance Company started to provide insurance coverage to property owners against fire damages. This move was initiated by New Jersey’s merchants, farmers and a few individuals wanting to secure their belongings.  This was the core focus of the organization and not until 1959, when they began to diversify their coverage plan and started to blanket programs such as homeowners and general liabilities.

The 80’s was a great decade for Mercer because their services expanded to Pennsylvania and formed a subsidiary, the Mercer Insurance Company. Pennsylvania eventually became their headquarters and after a few more years of continued expansion, the company renamed itself to Mercer Insurance Group to reflect its status. During that period, they acquired Franklin Insurance Company as part of their expansion plan.

Franklin Insurance Company, now part of Mercer Insurance Group, provides coverage for homeowners and personal auto insurance demands in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Its parent company continues to offer coverage in commercial ventures including contractors and religious organizations. They also offer protection plans for workers under their customized commercial umbrella plans.

In spite of their smaller size, the Mercer Insurance Group has earned a “superior” rating from A.M. Best as one of the most prestigious insurance companies in the country. As of 2006, they have well over $130 million worth of written policies spread across their different product lines. With an exceptional customer service, they have been able to maintain a higher retention rate for their previous and new customers.

By the end of the 2nd quarter of 2008, almost 16% of its revenue comes from commercial auto insurance, with the homeowners’ coverage plans making up the 8%. Revenue from personal auto insurance was pegged at 3%, while 2% was contributed by additional liability coverage and the remaining part from other financial investments programs. All throughout the many years of its operation, the Mercer Insurance Group has constantly showed its clientele what a truly well-managed and maintained company should be.