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The Hanover Insurance Group Incorporated is currently one of the top 35 Property and Casualty Insurers in the United States. It boasts of world-renowned performance in the variety of insurance services it offers. The Hanover Insurance Group, as it is known in the 21st century, has long built its reputable status and respect as an insurance institution all the way back to 1852, almost two decades before it parented the Hanover Insurance Company and the Citizens Insurance Company of America – the first auto insurance company in Michigan state.

Hanover’s competence overshadows situations that require capable responses as fast as possible. Hanover has over 4,000 employees and 2,000 independent agents skilled in understanding every comprehensively-recognized area necessary in handling locally unique situations effectively. Hanover settles for no less than the best licensed professionals who are capable of determining the specific needs of customers, assist them on claims, provide excellent service and review current policies to match their changing needs. It is the responsibility of each independent agent to represent the companies which they feel will meet their needs and provide the best performance on price, coverage and service.

Over the years, Hanover has built its long-established reputation on very valuable human resources. The company trains and molds every single employee to take into heart the twists and turns of Hanover’s goals and values, offering quality service to every policy holder is greatly invested on. This obviously shows that the company offers a wide array of career opportunities for the most competent and goal-driven individuals out there. 

In this connection, Hanover unsurprisingly offers a long line of personal and commercial lines and products for its policy holders such as business owner’s policy, commercial packages, worker’s compensation, inland marine, automobile, commercial auto, home, umbrella, boat, bond, and specialty packages just to name a few.

At present, Hanover continues to improve its legacy through its world-class performance as a property and casualty insurer that manages both the local and wider-scoped demands of the policy holders, no matter how tough the economic situation may be. The company will only cease in doing its job when it has tired itself from growing and expanding as one of the proudest records and history of the industry.