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Unitrin, Inc. was originally founded as a holding company in 1990 set up to acquire the subsidiaries of Teledyne, Inc. Thereafter, they have been involved in several acquisitions and strategic takeovers, with one of the largest being Kemper Auto and Home acquired in 2002. At present, Unitrin operates in 6 distinct segments encompassing many segments in financial support. Unitrin’s consumer finance segment provides financing for auto and home purchases.

Unitrin’s sales force employs more over 2,400 career agents and has over 250 dedicated agents solely representing Unitrin’s products. In addition, their subsidiaries employ their own dedicated agents, the largest being Kemper Auto and Home with more than 3,000 employees. Unitrin is one of the nation’s largest online distributors of personal auto insurance primarily marketed through the Unitrin Direct company name.

The company provides basic life and health insurance in 31 States through Reserve National Insurance specifically in the Southeastern part of the United States and the Midwest. They are ranked in the top 100 United States Insurance Providers. Kemper Auto and Home is the sole provider of the company’s homeowner coverage, which has offices in 39 States.

As a direct sales segment, Unitrin Direct exclusively operates through online sales and direct calls made from their call center. Personal Auto Insurance accounts for 63% of the company’s policies, 27% for life and health insurance coverage, and 10% from the remaining segments combined to complete their underwriting.

In 2007, the total company revenues were over 3.4 billion dollars with a total value assessed to be greater than 10 billion dollars. They uphold an “A” rating from A.M. Best, with similar ratings from other ratings firms as well.