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Motors Insurance Company began its journey in 1939 and has grown rapidly ever since to become one of the largest auto insurance companies today. Their products are mainly focused on automobile dealership and other auto related businesses as well as other select personal insurance policies. Currently, they are part of a much larger group, GMAC Insurance which delivers services in the field of finance including credit cards, home and property loans, retirement, savings account and even college assurance plans.

There are four main regional offices maintained by GMAC located in St. Louis, Winston-Salem, Atlanta and Southfield. Their offices are staffed with over 4,000 people worldwide in more than 100 offices located in United States and Canada. They also have remote offices situated in Asia, Latin America, and Europe.

No company other than GMAC Insurance understands how important vehicle insurance is. After all that is where they first created their business. A vehicle is more than a means to go from one place to the other, or for social activities. It is crucial to answering to emergency cases or as simple as buying groceries. With such importance, GMAC has a dedicated staff to provide a comprehensive plan to protect and gets it back working in times of troubles and mishaps.

As a financial institution, GMAC continues to provide a wide array of loans. They are also considered as one of the major players in vehicle loans, personal investments and other retirement plans tailor-made for each unique individual. As part of their loyalty program, they offer discounts in case you avail of the “multiple” plans they offer.

GMAC also successfully tied up with several big auto providers including General Motors and other American auto makers.  They also received the OnStar seal of approval for their excellent services lasting many years.