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Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. is a subsidiary company of Countrywide Financial, a mortgage banking specialist. The company concentrates on insurance programs that serve mortgage lenders and financial institutions. Since 1948, the Balboa Insurance Group has transformed into one of the best providers of lender-place insurance policies after it was established as a credit insurance underwriter. The company also engages in mortgage and auto-loan service tracking, as well as customer care for financial institutions and consumers.

Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. is unique from other companies in the industry because its programs are tailor-suited to meet the specific needs of its clients. The company is also committed to assume, reduce, and eliminate the risks of its policy holders, aside from providing coverage. True to its vision, Balboa does not fit the nature of their clients’ needs into a uniformed policy for everyone.

Because of the company’s “one size doesn’t fit all” policy, Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. includes a complete approach to meet the insurance requirements of its clients, including auto risk mitigation, life and credit, lender-placed hazard, personal lines, and renter’s protection. This allows a larger coverage for policy holders, depending on risk-based pricing and programs.

The company’s product are known nationwide for the high-quality service that goes with it, as well as a state of the art tracking system and data capturing technology. Together, these innovations remove unwanted hidden fees and cover lapses in their customer service. Utilizing technology to achieve their clients’ goals, Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. realizes the need for quick and timely decisions for its policy holders.

Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. promises quick compliance and fulfillment of their clients’ claims through their innovative process. A system of fast processing and reaction is always at the forefront of the firm’s customer services. Policy holders can also expect to get the maximum allowable amounts from their policies.

The company also works closely with handpicked insurance companies to give their clients the flexibility and the freedom to avail of various policies, depending on their specific needs. By branching out to other members of the insurance family, Balboa Insurance is able to meet the needs of its clients, whatever they may be.

Balboa Insurance Group, Inc. is recognized as one of the most trusted insurers in the country. In fact, it has been awarded an A rating by A.M. Best for its financial strength and another A for its issuer credit ratings. The company gained recognition and respect during Countrywide Financial Corporation’s timely response to the hurricane seasons of 2005 and 2006.