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The company began its journey in 1925 in Illinois and was initially offering fire and lightning insurance coverage. Little did they know that this simple step was the beginning of a long existence as an insurance company.

The following year, Country Financial widened its doors by offering another form of insurance protection. This time, they offered insurance coverage for hail damage and farm equipment. In 1927, they added their automobile insurance program and life insurance in 1929 on top of their list.

The history of Country Financial is slightly colorful. In 1935, they hired their first female representatives and added a significant number after about 2 decades due to the rising demands that could no longer be handled otherwise by their existing claim agents.

Bloomington became the new company’s headquarters after they left downtown Chicago in 1960. The procurement of Mid-America Fire and Marine Company in 1964 further boosted the coverage of Country to more areas, including Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Oklahoma, and Missouri.

Acquisition of Northwest Farm Bureau in 1986 was another major achievement for Country that expanded their services in the areas of Nevada, Oregon, and Washington State. And again in the following year, 1987, they were able to secure license and operate in Alaska.

In 2000, they celebrated their 75th year in business and made a mark in their history by partnering with Middlesex Mutual Assurance Company, Holyyoke Mutual Insurance Company of Salem, and MSI Insurance of Minnesota, which all happened in a short span of time. A few years later, MSI Insurance employees became Country Financials’ exclusive employees, bringing more coverage to more states including Iowa, Minnesota, North Dakota, and Wisconsin.

In 2005, Country Financials ventured again and formed an alliance with Cotton State Insurance based in Atlanta, Georgia and has been operating in 3 new places, including Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee.