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Metlife is the biggest insurance provider in the country. Additionally, the company has auxiliary companies in many other countries, like Japan, Mexico, and Australia. It was established in 1863 to provide life insurance coverage to sailors and civil war veterans. Today, Metropolitan Life is still a major insurance provider and has control over many subsidiaries that deal with life and auto insurance, long term care, dental coverage, personal disability, and homeowners insurance. Throughout its existence, Metlife has invested significantly in matters of national concerns, most notably, mortgage underwriting, urban renovation, and even support for the nation’s past and present war efforts.

The company’s workforce is composed mainly of dedicated representatives but Metlife also employs the services of independent agents and direct marketing through the internet. The insurance provider distributes its product lines mainly through workplace contacts. Its focus is on auto, health, and life insurance. Discounts are also offered to group plans via employers. There are 737 directly-hired agents working for Metlife and its subsidiaries, excluding independent representatives.

Metlife was the first insurance company to include personal identity protection for car insurance. The company does not provide much coverage for personal vehicles compared with its competitors. However, Metlife’s coverage programs have very comprehensive plans to satisfy the unique needs of a variety of working-class clients in different fields of occupation.

Unlike many insurance providers, Metlife also offers IRAs, mutual funds, as well as dental and even occupation disability coverage. The company’s one-of-a-kind program has made Metlife an important tool for employers who seek substantial discounts for employees using Metlife’s group enrollment policies.