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Even before the US Civil War, the Mercer Insurance Group was already in existence. Back then in 1844, it was known as the Mercer Country Mutual Fire Insurance Company. It was established by merchants, farmers, and homeowners residing in Pennington, New Jersey, to provide protection against fire hazards.

The company remained true to its roots as a fire insurer for almost a century. In 1959, they changed the company charter to venture into other insurance lines, including homeowners insurance and general liability. The company also changed its name along with its charter. It then became known as the Mercer Insurance Company. The company next modified itself after 20 years, forming Mercer Insurance Company, Inc. as a subsidiary in the 80’s.

With a new name and organizational setup, the company expanded its scope into Pennsylvania. In 1997, the company decided to move its headquarters to Pennsylvania and gave its subsidiary the name Mercer Insurance Company of New Jersey, Inc. In recent years, the company acquired an important controlling interest in Franklin Insurance Company in June 2001.

Individuals and businesses alike now benefit from the company’s fourteen lines of coverage. Mercer Insurance has come a long way from providing coverage against fire one and a half centuries ago. At present, it has over $40 million in existing policies and a financial surplus of over $30 million.