The Hartford

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Founded in 1810, The Hartford is a Fortune 100 company with offices in several countries including Japan, Ireland, and Brazil. They employ over 30,000 employees worldwide with representatives from more than 11,000 independent agencies excluding well over 100,000 registered brokers. Their policies primarily prioritize vehicle insurance, secondly homeowner policies, with the minority equally-distributed in health, life, and others.

Their wide range of insurance services consists of automobile, home, business, as well as health and life. The Hartford is one of the most prolific insurance companies in the world with an estimated worth of more over 285 billion dollars, with over 2 billion in reported annual income for the past 3 years alone. They are well-represented by designated independent agents and direct sales through Affinity Programs. Through notable organizations such as AARP, they are able to provide specialized programs for the mature population segments.

Aside from insurance, The Hartford also provides savings options, such as mutual funds, annuities, and even college plans. With nearly two centuries of recognized and reputable financial services, The Hartford belongs to one of the largest investment and insurance firms in the country, consequently getting superior ratings from several ratings firms.

The company’s ratings in personal account dealings range from exceptionally good for auto-insurance claims to moderately poor for claims filed against worker compensations benefits. Overall, the company’s service satisfaction and claims response is between average to above average. As a financial institution, The Hartford has been highly-praised in its excellent long-term service methods.