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Iowa is the home of EMC Insurance and for the past 100 years of dedicated service, EMC Insurance has been recognized as one of the major insurance players in the field of casualty and property policies. With a net worth of more than $3 billion, it is not a surprise that EMC Insurance is considered to be one the top 60 largest insurance companies in United States. Manned with over 2,100 employees, EMC provides unprecedented and superior services to its policyholders.

Unlike other insurance companies, EMC focuses 85% of its efforts on commercial insurance and the remaining 15% goes to personal insurance plans – a ratio that proves to have a positive effect on EMC’s financial stability.

One of the biggest challenges of EMC Insurance is to carry out its plan of protecting every life, house, business, and car on earth. With this in mind, a network of more than 3,000 independent insurance agencies have been put in place making EMC the most sought after and trusted leader in the insurance market for independent players. Using this well founded relationship, a smaller company may provide top of the line services to their clients in the areas of commercial and personal lines, excess bonds, surplus lines, and life insurance products, and many others.

EMC Insurance Company also provides help for clients to control their losses. They recognize that it is important to equip their clients with the proper tools, expertise, and services to help them prevent from recurring.

EMC Insurance Company continues to live on with its mission statement and that is to provide the best services to its clients and independent partners with all honesty, unity, unequaled service, cooperation, and the never ending quest to improve.