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Oregon Auto Insurance Quotes

For those who wish to obtain Oregon auto insurance quotes this is the best information source as you will find all that you need to know regarding auto insurance in Oregon. You can obtain details regarding the type of insurance coverage that is mandatory and what is optional coverage. After you fully understand the coverage that is mandatory as per the state laws, you can obtain quotes from various insurance providers that have valid licenses to operate in Oregon. After you have carried out adequate research in this regard you can drive around legally in the state of Oregon.

Oregon Liability Insurance Requirements

Like many states, Oregon requires that vehicle owners carry liability insurance on any vehicle that is registered in the state.  Some vehicles are exempt from this requirement, including farm tractors, antique automobiles, motor-assisted scooters, and snowmobiles.  Vehicles that are non-operational are also exempt from this insurance requirement.  For vehicles that must be covered, the minimum requirements are for bodily injuries, property damage, uninsured motorist coverage, and personal injury protection coverage. 

For liability coverage, the minimum coverage amounts required are $$25,000 for bodily injuries for one person in one accident, $50,000 for all bodily injuries in one accident, and $10,000 for property damage.  Personal injury protection in the amount of $15,000 is required for all motorists.  This coverage pays medical and funeral expenses in the event of an accident.  Uninsured motorist coverage is also required in the amounts of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per crash.

Every time you register a motor vehicle in Oregon you should certify that you have purchased the necessary coverage. You should also certify that you will abide by the auto insurance requirements in the state of Oregon for as long as the vehicle remains registered in your name or until the validity of the permit expires.

Extra Liability Coverage

Apart from the regular coverage you can also purchase extra liability protection also known as umbrella policy. The benefits of the umbrella policy will start kicking in when the other policy's liability cover gets exhausted. For instance, if you accidentally kill a person after you lose control of your vehicle and grievously injure four others, cause damage to four other vehicles, and damage some property as well, then in all probability you would have exhausted the liability cover. The umbrella policy will provide the additional liability protection.

Oregon Proof of Insurance

If you are stopped by a law enforcement officer for a traffic violation, you will be asked to provide proof of valid auto insurance.  There are several documents that are considered acceptable proof of insurance.  They include an original or copy of a valid insurance identification card, a copy of your insurance policy, or a letter from your insurance company that is written on official letterhead.  Keep proof of insurance in your vehicle at all times to avoid the hassles of being caught driving without proof of insurance available.

Penalties for Driving Without Insurance

The Oregon DMV conducts random checks of insurance coverage for Oregon drivers.  If you receive a letter from the DMV, you must provide your insurance company name and policy number.  DMV officials will then check with the insurance company to be sure that you carry that coverage.  If you do not have proof of insurance, you will have to file an SR-22 demonstrating your financial responsibility.  Penalties such as license suspension and fines may also be assessed.  If you get into an accident while driving without insurance, there will be additional penalties.

For instance, if you are driving uninsured and get involved in a crash, then your license will be suspended for a period of one year. After the end of that period you will be able to reinstate your driving privileges after you provide proof of future responsibility SR-22 with the DMV for 3 years, otherwise the license will remain suspended.

Other than fines and suspension of your driving license, your vehicle may also get towed and you will end up paying towing and storage fees as well. This is over and above the fines that you will have to pay.

Insurance Card Verification

It is always better to verify that the information contained in your insurance card matches with the information on the vehicle registration. The VIN or the vehicle identification number, year, and make should match. If you notice any discrepancy, you should intimate your insurance provider immediately and get it rectified.

Tips For Saving On Auto Insurance

Many people assume that auto insurance is very expensive and fail to realize that it is not really the case. There are a number of ways in which you can save on auto insurance without having to compromise on the coverage.

The simplest and most effective way to save on auto insurance is to drive a car that is loaded with safety features. This will help in different ways - you would be much safer in a vehicle that has safety gadgets and you will be able to obtain discounts from your insurer as well. If you have a car that is fitted with GPS tracking, seat belts, air bags, anti-theft devices, anti-lock braking system etc., then the risk factors will obviously be greatly reduced. You can then easily obtain a huge discount on your insurance policy.

Being a good driver has a lot of benefits both on the road as well as off the road. If you can show your insurer that you have a good driving record, you can avail maximum benefits out of your policy. If you can qualify for any of these discounts, you can put it to good use. The best way to get the best rates is to shop online and obtain multiple free quotes from insurers. So, shop around and obtain at least five different quotes before you decide to purchase the policy.