Oregon Auto Insurance Coverage


Coverage of auto insurance varies from one state to another, and hence, it is slightly different in Oregon as well. Here, there are some minor variations in the auto insurance requirements. One can look at these variations as a good thing since it can help save money if they minimum limits are lower. When compared to other states, Oregon has somewhat lower requirements which help save money when opting for auto insurance. After choosing the different features of your coverage, you can work towards trying to save some money on it by staying slightly above the specified requirements and also ensuring that you don’t end up getting more than what you need.

The first thing that is different in the coverage is the minimum specified scale. In Oregon, auto insurance should have a minimum of $25,000 for bodily injury of the driver in the accident and $50,000 for the bodily injury of other occupants that are present in the vehicle during the accident. There is also a property damage liability of $10,000 that one should be allowed to claim with their auto insurance. A personal injury protection of at least $10,000 is also specified and there is a requirement of uninsured motorist bodily injury, which is not there is all states. In Oregon, it stands at $25,000 for one body and $50,000 for more than one person.

Some people also have extended features in their auto insurance coverage. These are not specified by the law, but are beneficial to carry with your auto insurance in any case. This includes collision coverage and comprehensive coverage. Collision coverage covers damage to your car in case of an auto accident and comprehensive coverage is used when your car is damaged due to reasons that are not limited to on road collisions like in case of rain, other natural calamities etc. Although not necessary, it helps if you have these two with you as well. 

Suppose you feel that the auto insurance doesn’t have adequate liability coverage, Oregon also allows drivers to have extra liability coverage wherein an additional insurance kicks in when the coverage limits of your existing auto insurance are exhausted. This is extremely beneficial if you are involved in an accident that causes damage to multiple cars and even property damage. In such cases, your single auto insurance is most likely to be exhausted paying for the damage and might not probably be adequate to cover for all the expenses incurred in such an accident.     

If you are still of the opinion that insurance is too expensive for your vehicle, then you should be aware that the cost of driving without out is much worse if you get caught. Your license will end up being suspended if you are not able to furnish proof of financial responsibility. Additionally, you might also have problems with getting your license back, as getting into an accident without a driving license will immediately cause a 1 year suspension of your driving permit along with a hefty fine. Hence, you are better off getting coverage rather than risking it all on the road.