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Hawaii Auto Insurance Quotes

While shopping for auto insurance policies in Hawaii you need to compare as many quotes as possible. One can find dozens of free auto insurance quotes from various licensed insurance providers in Hawaii. There is plenty of information about the regulations as far as auto insurance requirements in Hawaii are concerned. An idea about these regulations and the penalties for not possessing the minimum required auto insurance coverage in Hawaii while driving your vehicle, will allow you to make a well informed decision as to what insurance coverage suits you the best. Information about insurance regulations is just as important as information about the best prices for the coverage you need.

Hawaii Liability Coverage Requirements

Motorists are carried to require liability insurance on all registered vehicles in Hawaii.  This liability insurance is designed to cover bodily injuries and property damage.  The minimum coverage amount for bodily injuries for one person in one accident is $20,000.  The minimum coverage required for all bodily injuries in one accident is $40,000.  For property damage, the minimum coverage amount is $10,000.  Motorists are also required to carry personal injury protection coverage, which will pay the medical and/or funeral expenses of drivers and passengers injured in an accident.  An insurance carrier authorized to do business in Hawaii can discuss personal injury protection coverage with you to determine the amount of coverage warranted by your particular situation.

Hawaii's No-Fault System

Many states use the tort system of determining who is responsible for paying for expenses resulting from an accident.  In these states, the driver who is at fault must pay for medical expenses and property damage.  Other drivers may sue the driver at fault civilly for lost wages and other losses.  In Hawaii, the no-fault system is used.  This means that your insurance company must pay for your expenses regardless of who was at fault for an accident.  This system is used as a way to cut down on auto insurance fraud.

Penalties for Failure to Maintain Coverage

Hawaii does not have a central motor vehicles department like most other states.  Instead, each individual county is responsible for vehicle registration and related duties.  However, there are still penalties for not having the proper auto insurance coverage on your vehicle.  When you attempt to renew your vehicle registration, you must show a valid inspection sticker.  Proof of insurance is required to obtain an inspection in Hawaii, so not having the proper coverage will preclude you from having your vehicle inspected and you will be unable to renew your registration.  Failure to renew your registration on or before the expiration date will result in penalties being assessed in the form of additional fees.

Taking Advantage of Cheap Auto Insurance in Hawaii

Auto insurance in Hawaii is ranked in the bottom 15 in the last couple of years, making it one of the cheapest places for auto insurance. This comes as good news at a time when a lot of people are taking a big risk by not carrying any auto insurance other than what is required by law. This could backfire in case of an accident or a natural disaster when the damages caused to the car could turn out to be very expensive. Comprehensive and collision insurance are always good to carry along with liability insurance. In fact, some car owners prefer to have personal injury protection, which will provide compensation for medical treatment of those travelling in your car in case of an accident. The cost of insurance frequently varies based on the general traffic, the frequency of accidents, the weather conditions and the overall driving habits.

How to lower your Hawaii auto insurance

You can lower your Hawaii auto insurance by following some simple tips. It will benefit you a lot if you can lower your mileage by car pooling or taking public transportation once in a while. Similarly, you can also get cheap auto insurance in Hawaii, if you go for a mid size sedan as opposed to an SUV or an exotic car, which are considered riskier and more expensive in terms of damage repair, by auto insurance companies. Apart from that, you can also negotiate with auto insurance providers in Hawaii to provide you with discounts for excellent credit history and good driving record. It makes a lot of sense to purchase auto insurance from direct provider instead of a broker who charges an added commission, raising the cost of your auto insurance. Reliable auto insurance is definitely required in a no-fault state like Hawaii.

Driving a car can cost you less if you want

Insurance coverage cost is not entirely out of your hands. In fact, a major part of it is actually in your own hands. This is because the rates that insurance providers give are a measure of how risky they consider the individual to be. If they perceive an individual to be reckless and vulnerable to road accidents, they would offer higher premiums as the chances for paying out claims in the future is relatively higher. So by taking care of factors that affect auto insurance you can indirectly lower your auto insurance rates without even asking for it.

You need to have an eye for discounts. If someone in the house is also driving, you have an opportunity to combine the policies and thereby saving money on the premiums. At the same time make sure you are not trying to reduce the cost at the expense of your safety. For example it is important to have adequate insurance not just for law but also for your own good. When an accident occurs, the cost of damage repairs and medical treatment could shoot astronomically. A good auto insurance policy can be a saving grace in such a case.