Hawaii Auto Insurance Discounts


According to a survey in 2004, the average auto insurance premiums in Hawaii were $817.45. The liability coverage premium averaged $537.36, collision coverage was around $285.14, and comprehensive coverage was about $108.19. The average premium in Hawaii was higher than 28 other states in the United States but lower than 21 states. The average premium would be above $1,000 at present. Hence, you should look for ways to get auto insurance discounts in Hawaii to reduce your financial burden. There are two types of auto insurance discounts, direct discounts and indirect discounts. 

Direct discounts 

If you have a number of vehicles, you should insure all of them with one insurance company for a single auto insurance covering all of them. The insurance company would offer you discounts up to 10%. This discount would depend on the number of vehicles, the types of vehicles, and the conditions of the vehicles. 

The insurance companies take a very close look at your driving history while giving you an auto insurance quote. They look at your past driving record for at least 3 years and in some cases, 5 years. Hence, the cleaner your driving history, the better the discount that you could negotiate with the insurance company. 

Further, in Hawaii, if you belong to a professional group, affiliated with a community organization, or a member of a labor or professional union, insurance companies like AIG offer special group discounts on auto insurance. Find out whether you belong to any of these categories or could join one of them. 

Before offering you a quote on your auto insurance, it would inspect your vehicle/s. If you had installed safety devices like air bags, antilock brakes, seat belts, and children protection devices, the insurance company would be impressed and offer you a discount. Similarly, security devices installations such as anti-theft device and burglar alarm would also fetch you some discount from the insurance company. The maximum discounts you could expect in this category are about 10%. 

The more distance you drive every day, the more is the possibility of an accident. Hence, if you convince your insurance company that you would not be driving too much, you would be in a position to negotiate a discount on your auto insurance. Likewise, if the vehicles that you have are not the costly type, then the maintenance on them would be lower and you could bargain for a discount. 

Indirect Discounts 

Clubbing of your home insurance, auto insurance, and life insurance with one insurance company would definitely get you a discount on the premium rates for all of them. Another way of getting a discount on your auto insurance premium is to offer the insurance company a higher deductible. Normally, the deductible would be around $500 that you should pay the insurance company when you are involved in an accident. If you offer more, the insurance company would immediately lower your premium amount proportionately. Another way of getting a discount is to pay six months premiums instead of monthly premium payments. Insurance companies would appreciate this gesture and offer you some discount.