Save up on your Auto Insurance the Unusual Way


There are many common ways that a driver knows in order for him to lessen his monthly auto insurance premium. His driving history, credit rating, gender, age and location are among the few things he knows that will determine his insurance charge. But there are other ways on which insurance provider offers discounts. Typically, insurance companies can lessen up your monthly charge if you will add safety device for your cars like alarms to lessen the risk of car theft which will also lessen the possibility of them paying you for your lost car.

There is wide variety of car safety alarms now that can be bought in the market. This will not only lessen your insurance premium but also lower the risk of your precious car being stolen. Owners of several cars can also have discounts if they avail of the car insurance with the same company or if they have other types of insurance purchased at the same provider. If they entrust the same company with other family insurances, then chances are, they can get valuable discounts.

Unusual ways to get discounts on auto insurance is to drive less often, become a member of certain organizations, and have a locked garage space. For teens, unusual ways to gain discounts is to have good grades, enroll at driving schools and to be monitored by their parents via GPS.

Some companies offer less insurance charges on drivers that drive less often, for obvious reason that it also takes less accident risks. But some people look at it as an unusual rule since cars are designed to be used to take us to where we want to if we regularly get out of the house. But this consideration benefits those who do not use their cars on a regular basis.

Some insurance firms give discounts on group memberships like alumni organizations and other accredited groups. It’s good to know if your school alumni organization is a part of the organizations that earn discounts from insurance firms. Aside from devising car alarms or safety car gadgets, one of the considerations of some insurance agencies is how your car is stored as part of its discount based on theft risks. If you are able to prove that your garage or parking lot is closed or has a quality lock, then there is a possibility that they reward you with discounts.

Teenagers who have their own cars can also avail of discounts on their car insurance premiums. For teenage drivers that have good scholastic records, they can earn discounts. This is because it projects responsibility. Some even consider completing driving education programs to earn discounts. There are other teen drivers who can be so unruly, some would get involved with drag racing using ordinary cars or doing joyrides, that can pose greater risk for accidents. To prevent this, they offer discounts to drivers who are monitored by their parents through GPS or global positioning system so that they can be traced based on their location.