What you need to Know about Auto Insurance for Teens


Your teenage child consistently gets good grades in school and has been good with other responsibilities as well. You are thinking of surprising him with a car as a gift, there are things that stop from you from pushing through because you are aware that car insurance for teens are usually high, and you are not yet sure how your child will behave on the road. Well, there are some useful guidelines you can consider to make it work for the both of you.

As a parent, you are the one who best know your child, you are aware of his attitude and behavior, his weaknesses, his level of patience and all those important things that might affect his driving. You are also the one who certainly knows that he is deserving or responsible enough to drive his own car. In the US, the age of 18 marks a teen’s independence, but not all things become responsible early, but as a parent, you can decipher if your child is ready for a driving privilege because it entails responsibility.

If you decide to push through with the car as a gift, have an intimate talk with your child. Explain to him that you are giving him a car because you think he deserves it based on his goodness as a son and as a student. Second, is because you are recognizing his maturity and independence that you can trust him that he can be a responsible car owner and that he must not break this trust. Third, there are responsibilities that come along with this privilege including maintenance of the car and the insurance. If he already earns for himself, you can ask for him to share on the insurance contribution so that he will be trained of having financial obligations.

You need not be bothered about the cost of your teen’s auto insurance. You can choose to avail it in the company where you purchased your own car insurance and other family insurance to avail discounts. You can also purchase car models that are not too luxurious, which have high cost risks due to a number of factors. This is also the time to take advantage of his good grades because car insurance companies give up to 25 percent discount for those who have consistently maintained good grades or if they have completed driver education programs. You can also choose a higher deductible for your child in exchange of a lower monthly premium.

One of the best things to teach your child is to learn to drive safely because it can lessen the monthly premium, as a clean driving record is a factor that reduces insurance premium costs. Driving safely means having no traffic violations as well. But more importantly, it will save his life.  If he is a responsible car owner, he can be free from any unfortunate road events. Being a responsible car owner means observing the simplest rule of wearing seatbelts, ensuring that the car is in good condition before it hits the road no drunk driving.