How Good A Driver You Are-Let A Gadget Decide


Insurance companies are forever looking for ways to determine the safety and driving ability of the drivers in order to determine the ideal premiums to seek for auto insurance. The newest aid in this regard is a Gadget, which is being touted as the ultimate in determining on road safety of a driver! It captures your driving behavior and sends it to your insurer for proper analysis. If you come out as excellent behind the wheels, you may enjoy hefty discounts on your policy. No wonder, many people looking for price reductions are doing that with many more opting in every day.

This is surely good news for car insurance companies who have been looking for ways to do away with crude proxies to guess the risk factor related to particular car owners. They used to include a wide number of features related to the policyholders including the age, marital status sex, miles driven, and credit scores too. Analysis of data was an extremely time-consuming process and the results vague in most cases. So, how does this new device work? It collects driving data from the computer system in the vehicle. This connects via the diagnostic port present in all the vehicles since 1996.

In keeping with the high interest generated regarding the state of the art devices related to both insurance auto companies and consumers, a number of gadgets are doing rounds these days. Naturally, with developments in technology, these are becoming much more user-friendly than before. For example, the initial varieties required professional installation, this changed to options that came with plugging in and plugging. Nowadays however, you may go for wireless devices, quite hassle free in all regards. Do you know, through the data collected by such devices, one can get almost 30% discounts are even more related to their original auto insurance rates!

Naturally, going for them makes complete sense. However, you will not receive any price reductions if the data finds you an incautious driver. On average consumers have been found to get almost 10% discounts in the post-device installation scenarios. It is important to remember that installation of such devices is not mandatory but is rather far from it. Some insurers request their clients to install it for at least six months and then enjoy the discounts earned indefinitely. While other auto insurance companies leaves the decision making to the consumers themselves and they may install and uninstall based on their own good sense.