Save on the Car Insurance of your Teenage Child


Parents who believe that their child is responsible enough to have his own car also have to purchase insurance for his child’s car. If he thinks that it would cost him a high amount of money to pay for the insurance premium, then he can consider a number of tips on how he can avail of discounts and save money for the insurance cost of the child.

The parent could settle for an inexpensive car for his child. He could choose one that is still brand new but is not too flashy which might be rated with higher insurance premium because it has high theft risk. In availing insurance for the car, he can ask his own car’s insurance provider to apply for discount. This is also ideal if you only have one insurance provider for other insurance needs to avail significant discounts. You can also purchase a safety alarm for your child’s car; this is not only a protection against thieves but also a great way to ask for discounts. You can also have your parking lot locked to get the same advantage.

Some insurance firms have this unusual way of offering discounts for teenage driver’s insurance. One of these is when his parents trace him with a GPS device to monitor where he is when he hits the road. This can have the advantage of being a protective tool but for some teens that are of legal age, it is invasion of his privacy. If your child has good grades or has completed a driving course, he can also avail discounts. Good grades are indications of the driver’s responsibility so insurance firms credit it by offering discounts.

It is best for every parent who decides to give his child insurance to stress the importance of road safety and driving responsibly at all times. This will not only help lessen the premium for the auto insurance but also protects him in the road. Driving his own car is a privilege that marks his independence, but with every privilege, there is responsibility. He has to be reminded of always obeying traffic rules to have a clean driving record and to be safe on the road. It is also important to remind him of ensuring that the car is always in best condition before it is taken on a long drive.

It is also important for the child to use the car at only important drives and as much as possible to use it sparingly. If the destination is just a few meters away, he should still consider walking or biking that could be health beneficial and environment friendly. Some insurance companies also charge less insurance rate for infrequent car users.

Teenage auto insurance need not be expensive only if you will be smart enough to follow practical guides. By availing discounts, parents and child can save valuable amount of money. You can also consider talking to your child about sharing on the insurance expense if he already earns money to introduce the responsibility of having financial accountability.