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If you are seeking information on Kentucky auto insurance coverage requirements, you have selected the right site that furnishes complete solutions and competitive price quotes on Kentucky auto insurance policies. We help you in complying with the financial responsibility requirements of Kentucky. If you become familiar with the information on Kentucky auto insurance requirements, you can safeguard your vehicle and your driver license. Further, you can avoid penal action by Kentucky law enforcement authorities. We also offer you premium quotes for Kentucky auto insurance from all the major auto insurance carriers in Kentucky.

Auto insurance is compulsory in almost all the states in the US. However, regardless of whether it is compulsory or not, it is important to obtain adequate insurance coverage. Each state has its own minimum requirements for auto insurance. Kentucky auto insurance laws are also no different as there is a prescribed minimum that is fixed by the Insurance Commissioner of the state. Very often even the minimum prescribed as per the state laws is insufficient and motorists have to purchase extra coverage to be able to bear the losses in the event of an accident.

Coverage Options and Basic Coverage Thresholds

Some states require motorists to carry uninsured or underinsured motorist coverage. However, Kentucky auto insurance laws have not made this coverage mandatory. However, it is highly recommended in order to remain in the side of caution.

Kentucky is also a Tort state - meaning the at-fault driver has to bear the victim's medical costs in the event of being involved in an accident. This state does not carry no-fault insurance. as per the Kentucky auto insurance laws, the victim may file for compensation and also make a claim for additional loss in wages as well as pain and suffering.

Kentucky auto insurance minimums are $25,000 for bodily injury per person, $50,000 per accident, and 10,000 for property damage. Kentucky also requires its motorists to carry minimum liability coverage and mandates all motorists to have carry proof of insurance in their vehicles at all times.Motorists must have proof of insurance even before registering their vehicles.

Kentucky DUI Laws

Each state has unique DUI laws, Distracted Driver Laws, and Teen Driver Laws. As per the Kentucky DUI laws, the motorist could be charged with DUI if the BAC or Blood Alcohol Content is 0.08% and above. If the BAC is over 0.15% then the sentence would be much more severe. According to Kentucky's implied consent laws, in case you are pulled up for suspected DUI and if you don't submit to a test, then your license would be revoked for a period of 30 to 120 days. If you refuse to undergo a test the second time you are pulled over, then you will face 12 to 18-month suspension. In case it happens for the third time, you will face a 24 to 36-month suspension. An SR-22 would be required to reinstate the suspended license.

The number of accidents has seen a sharp rise in the recent times and a majority of these accidents seem to occur due to distracted driving. Hence, the Kentucky legislature is planning to bring about strict laws regarding cellphone usage and rules regarding using wireless handheld devices while operating a motor vehicle.

Many states are taking up the Distracted Driver Laws very seriously due to the increase in the number of accidents due to distracted driving, especially with regard to cellphone usage. The Kentucky House Bill 415 prohibits any texting while operating a motor vehicle.

Approximately 50% of the motorists in the 18 to 24 age groups have admitted to texting messages while driving. It is a well-known fact that this causes a 23% increase in the likelihood of being involved in an accident. Around six states have banned the use of these handheld wireless devices while driving and 25 states have a complete or partial ban on sending text messages while driving.

Kentucky Teen Driver Laws

Kentucky also has the Graduated Teen Licensing System in place and teen drivers will have to obtain a Graduated Driver Licensing or GDL. Teens will have to obtain a learner's permit and then wait for six months before getting their full licenses. The state has adopted the GDL in order to lower the number of accidents that may be caused by teenage drivers.

Teenagers should be at least 16 years of age in order to be able to apply for learner's permit. They should also pass a written test as well as a vision test. This is a better way to introduce teenage drivers to the privileges of driving. They will have a better opportunity to get behind-the-wheel experience in a more systematic manner. During this time, the teenage driver should complete 60 hours of driving practice including 10 hours of nighttime driving.

In order to obtain unrestricted license, the teenage driver should have taken the road skills driving test. They also have to provide proof of insurance and registration. Teenage drivers should also ensure that they have a clean driving record that is free of violations.

In case the teenage driver who is below 18 years of age manages to get more than 7 point on their driving records, their licenses will be suspended. Drivers who are between 18 and 21 years of age are not allowed to accumulate over 12 points on their driving records.

Other Information

There are a number of auto insurance carriers in each state. Prior to obtaining online quotes for Kentucky auto insurance, it is important to be aware of the state laws. It is important to provide accurate information in order to get accurate quotes. Once you get multiple quotes, you can carry out a comparison of quotes and choose the one that suits your requirements. Shopping around for auto insurance will help you get some of the best deals. You can save a lot of time and money by shopping online.

It is also important to purchase the right amount of coverage. Being underinsured will lead to a lot of problems at a later stage. In case you are unsure about the right amount of coverage you would require, you may either contact your licensed insurance agent or you could also call the insurance company directly and obtain the details from them. You must also ensure that you choose a company that has a great reputation. If you end up choosing the wrong company, you will go through a lot of unnecessary stress when you have to file for your claims. Choose a company that is prompt in settling claims and one that has a good reputation overall.